I went to the ocean

To ask about the alpha and omega?

The ocean replied

“I am the beginning and the end, don’t you realise that fact”?
I asked the ocean,

“Why do some people have to suffer so much and others have pain free lives”?
The ocean replied,

“Life is unfair to many, just as some fish get eaten by sharks, whilst others live their full life cycle without even having seen a shark”!
I replied to the ocean,

“That’s so unfair to all the fish whom are eaten by sharks whilst they are still so young whilst others go on to spawn, live and swim their entire lives in freedom until the day they die”.

I asked the ocean,

“Why do some of us suffer so?

Whilst those that deserve to do so seem to not suffer? Whilst others get away with hurting one other without ever having a worry in their entire lives”?
The ocean replied,

“I am much older and eternal compared to humanity and believe me when I tell you that I am being polluted and abused every single day.

I am gradually dying whilst most of humanity don’t even care that they are slowly killing me along with all the various species that live within me my caring waves and rely upon me for their survival. That my friend is the truth”!
I replied to the ocean,

“Then life really truly is unfair to the just, whilst often the corrupt, cruel and wrong doers of all kinds continue to thrive in a dog eat dog world, correct”?
The ocean replied to me with so much sorrow in its ancient voice.


“Now you truly understand mine, yours and so many other’s dilemmas, whom suffer for no apparent reason?

From the kindest and the most loving that far too often get hurt by others for a lot of their entire lives”.
But the ocean added,

“Look deeply into their eyes though.

Then you will see what type of people they truly are.

Those whom are like the living dead that exist upon this planet until their lifespan is over here will not survive for eternity for they shall surely die.

Only by the time they realise what they have done! It will be too late for them to undo their lifetime of greed amongst other atrocities to many innocents upon my planet.

Their soul will be gone quicker than the blink of an eye.
Whilst you, I and others like us will achieve immortality and that’s worth far more than any gold, currency, country or power on this your entire planet.
We are the equals to the Gods of man and because of this we shall live on for eternity because our souls are true to our existence and we have learnt that love is the answer to all.

So for that we shall be given immortality, as our souls have earnt eternal life”.
“Like the tidal flows of the ocean continue to wax and wane every single day being controlled by the cycles of the moon in ever single way.

You too will go on to survive your life in your best individual eternal and knowledgeable way.

Which is to be good, loving and caring.

To keep on giving compassion to others whom have less and for that we both shall continue to thrive”.
After listening to the ocean. I thought of her and truly cried and said:

“Thank you so much for giving me your wisdom and understanding of all our individual mortal lives.

I shall continue to love you forever my dear ocean because of your timeless understanding which makes you such a powerful force upon our planet and my own little individual life.


You are full of so much wisdom and love amongst a world whom sadly has become one of greed and lies”.
The ocean replied once more:

“Thank you dear one for you honesty in revealing your inner fears to me whilst fearing for your own future in this mortal life.

You shall always be dear to me always and we shall meet again my friend, both here and upon the other side”.
I replied with much love and gratitude:

“Thank you ocean for your understanding, patience and grace about what’s been happening to myself and those close to me.

When I couldn’t find a reason why?

You my dear ocean have given me true gnosis, knowledge and compassion.

The understanding to keep on going on.

How can I ever thank you my dear ocean”?
Then after that I just heard the lapping of the ocean’s waves against our clay cliffs. Now she is silent but she has given me a gift which is fitting for one whom is of “the Craft of the Wise” because as everyone knows Nature is my Church and the Beach is my sacred space.

At times I feel like a land locked mermaid just like in a faery tale, stuck here without a mermaid’s tail”.
Whom fate has destined me to be here to be there for all those whom need me especially for the disincarnate lost souls. Whom need guidance to find their true home. Whilst I follow my inner third eye.


Thanks to the ocean I truly understand why I am actually here, living, suffering, loving and learning exactly where I am.
I am blessed and loved much especially by the awesome elemental of water the ocean. Along with the elementals of earth, air and fire too along with the fifth elemental spirit. Whom guides all of us to eternal wisdom at the end of all our lives.
And for those of us whom have suffered just to live in justice whilst never harming another. We shall be eternally rewarded and finally go home to where we belong without ever needing to reincarnate or be destroyed as another.

I will always love, listen and learn from the ocean for the rest of this mortal life.
Meanwhile I continue to listen to the music of the rain. Whilst continuing to do my best in this incarnation as after all, I do know what it’s like to suffer and never want it to happen to another.

If I was granted only one wish?
It would be to stop humankind continuing to destroy one another. Always for greed, countries and power, wars are started all in the name of country, religion or empire building.

My wish is for peace!
Therefore inequality, racism and poverty would cease to exist.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?……….

If only I could be granted one wish……….

***THE END***

by CazWytch⭐️❤️🌙

If you would like to share this or use my photos that is fine. As long as you link back to the source. Which is here of course.😀

©CazWytch C. Lowe Jan. 2018



Is this really me? Or is it just the me I project out into the world? We all have our various “persona”s. We have one for work, acquaintances, associates, on social media, casual friends, close friend’s, lover’s and partner’s etc.

Then we have our true persona which we only reveal to our closest family and friends. Depending on how much we trust them and value them as a confidant. Why is this? Because deep down most of us are not confident enough to reveal whom we truly are for fear of what that other person may do with all that information that we have reveled which may be so close to our heart.

How about hugging your beloved dog, cat or whichever pet you have. Try going out into your garden or to a park. How about going to a forest or to the beach to balance your chakras out in nature? These ideas and far more is what life is really about. But more about that later on.

Our dear old “fur baby Max” whom is almost 15 years old which is quite old for a cocker spaniel that’s for sure. Just watching him and cuddling him is so authentic bringing all the warmness and fuzzy’ that being close to a beloved animal brings.


The problem is that we fear other’s negative judgements of either our personal history etc. As well as all our individual quirks and the things that we truly that make us whom we truly are within. We usually never reveal this to other’s unless there is an enormous amount of trust because we never know when some confidant may break our trust.

Haven’t you ever thought it incredibly sad the way people always love gossip? Especially when it’s negative and nasty! Especially when it’s about someone they know that’s very revealing and scandalous. This is when those whom are unscrupulous and devoid of a moral compass go on to use that piece of gossip. To bring down the very person whom they once called a close friend, work mate or partner.

Whether it be for a promotion, to break up a relationship or to basically get some material gain from their friend’s secret. Or to make them lose face, or their job or even their marriage. Is it any wonder that we live in such a false narcissistic materialistic, celebrity obsessed and greedy society.

We live in an era where a piece of information which once may have been just shared between a couple of friends can now end up on social media like Facebook. It could even end up on the front page of the News depending on how scandalous and deliciously newsworthy it is!

Thus destroying the betrayed person’s sense of self, their self esteem, their job, their relationship and sometimes their entire life. The persona that they once presented to the the world will never be the same again. Whether it is between friends or in the workplace, socially in person and/or on social media or basically anywhere at all.

A beach on the other side from us where the old jetty was literally blown away by strong wind gusts and storms. It was still quite cold down there recently on the Y.P.


People often ask me “why aren’t you on Facebook”? Then their thinking to themselves; “everybody else is on FB, how come she’s not? Has she got something to hide”? Which is what their “inner dialogue” is saying within their societally conditioned minds, whilst they are looking at me awaiting my answer”. Sorry to disappoint anyone out there but I’ve got nothing titillating that will put me on the News. I just choose to live my life privately amongst those whom know and love me that’s all.

However I do enjoy blogging and sharing about my magic/kal practice and experiences of all kinds. I write about what I please, when I please. A while back I even made a few YouTube videos on my channel. However I haven’t done so for quite some time. As I sometimes wonder at the wisdom of bearing my inner self on you tube for the entire world to dissect and share.

Even when it’s to help and teach others Magick. Some things are not meant for others and nor should they be. I have a rich inner and magickal life that is for sure. But as there are far too many people out there even in 2018 that see Witchcraft of any kind as pure evil. I question whether sharing about all that I do is wise? The ignorance of those that know nothing about Magick whom are the first to condemn it always astounds me. It always has and always will.

Why haven’t I actually blogged more then? Well I’ve just been busy living my actual private life from mundane matters to magickal, as well as the incredibly awesome. These experiences are mine and mine alone to choose whom I share them with. How, why and where? It’s not always appropriate for others to dissect private sufferings like illness or my ultimate joys. Such as my home life, magickal life, artistic life or my grandchildren, holidays and even many magickal successes.

From a magickal perspective we all need quiet time alone to meditate, to reflect, to connect with all the elements to enjoy time out from our own inner dialogue which can often be quite annoying and tiresome.

When I need to disconnect I put away my iPad, laptop and phone and switch them all off. I figure that if someone wants to contact me so badly they can always txt or ring me later right. It’s also good to get some time out from continuous wifi throughout the house 24/7.

Bringing a small part of the outdoors and beauty onto my dressing table which reminds me everyday to to be mindful and appreciate the present before it all too soon becomes the past.


As some are already saying that the invisible wifi could be damaging our minds and bodies the same alas mobile phones do. There is empirical evidence which shows that speaking on a mobile next to your head is causing brain cancer in some people. That’s why you should always speak using speaker phone and that’s for the health of your own brain.

Taking time out is the best thing that you can do for your body, your psyche and your emotions. Just take a break from being switched on to social media even if it’s just for an hour or so a day. Then you can truly harness the power of your mind. As well as allowing your body to rest from all the nonstop activity.

Going outdoors is great to switch off. Then you will hear the birds chirping, notice insects in the air buzzing and notice the colours of flowers and the plants that surround you. As in the end all “we need is love”! I know that sounds very 60s flower powerish. But I’m sure that the early hippie movement were truly on to something that is missing today!

Listen to some music that inspires you and meditate and go deeply within. Only then is your mind quiet enough to achieve true gnosis. Otherwise without silence and disconnecting it’s impossible. This is when your brain can connect to the Source on a wifi free frequency without all the psychic banter of those around you. It gives you such a feeling of freedom, eternity and love that’s not possible when your online 24/7. It’s just so beautiful to connect to the elements and feel at one with Mother Nature. Try it and you won’t be sorry that you did.

Everyone with their mobile phones out at the recent Pink concert here on 13/7/2018 We had a really great night but sometimes mobiles have their place such as capturing a great artist in concert. But when out doors and communing they don’t. Unless one wants to capture a part of that moment to enhance the “living in the moment that nature brings.


I know these things are part of a growing trend for those in the know. Which is why many of us are choosing to delete our Facebook accounts and there are those whom were smart enough not to open one ever at all. Lol Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for. To an ever growing amount of people whom are losing their privacy along with the concentration levels of their minds.

Science is proving that fast paced technology is literally rewriting our brains. These days many people don’t even read books anymore as that would take them away from their precious social media. Believe me this is not a good or wise thing to be doing at all.

Why are so many of us disconnecting from Facebook especially. Well I can tell you why as so many of us, especially Witches, Mages and Occultists are waking up to what we share on social media under our names and what we don’t and why.

This is because we actually don’t want anyone and everyone to know what we are doing every single day of the year. My family, holidays and private moments are not for me to share as my adult children have their own lives to lead and their children and my friends do too. It’s not up to me to share their private moments either.

Facebook has just become a self publicity site for all. Look at me overseas, look at me eating great food in a restaurant, look at me looking absolutely fantastic and loved up. Along with narcissistic “selfies and happy snaps” 24/7 with 101 “look good filters and apps”. It’s really all 100% narcissistic totally crazy bullshit.

As let’s face it most people aren’t exactly going to share photos of their worst moments in life are they? LOL Really think about it. Before everyone felt the need to publish everything almost to the point of how many times they go to the bathroom “ad nauseum”, Lol, Only joking their folks. But people actually used to ring one another and saw one another far more often than they do now. It’s really sad imho!

Although some vain people whom are so full of self importance that they even share their before and after pictures after some recent plastic surgery procedure or Botox injections. Or sometimes even worse types of photos just for for shock value to get them lots of reshares and likes.

I used to be on Facebook when it first started it was ok. However when suddenly Facebook became huge everything changed. Thus sadly so did most of humanity on almost every single country on the planet earth. Not everybody wants to “share” everything and sometimes not even anything at all. Why should they anyhow? Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right, does it? It’s like it’s expected these days or some kind of social “faux pas” if we just don’t bother.

I added this pic from the app “color therapy” as it’s great for when your stuck in doors and just want to switch off by being mindful and relaxes your mind so well whilst you are doing so. I also like the message from this picture because if we don’t become “our own heroes and rescue” ourselves? Then whom else will? This is when technology can help one’s mind to disconnect from the matrix as well.


Not everyone wants people that they knew from school or their first job from 30 or more years ago or an ex-spouse or partner “googling their name” so that they can “cyberstalk” them. Because they want to find out where they live, and/or where they work, how many kids they have, what they do in their spare time where they live or go on holidays etc. to find out information that they have no right to know.

This can be downright dangerous IMHO especially for domestic violence victims. Or for those like myself whom have worked in a field where it can be downright dangerous for certain criminals to ever find them. Just the same as ex Police officers face the same dilemma. Do they risk the safety of their family just to share a family selfie on Facebook etcetera? It’s truly a modern day 21st century dilemma isn’t it.

Also why is it that people add so many people as friends whom they haven’t seen or heard from for over 10 – 30 years? What’s that about? Then even after they’ve added their so called “old friends” or “new friends” they don’t even chat with them on Facebook let alone actually talk to them on the phone or actually go and see them in person.

Because If they were really your “friend/s” they would’ve been a part of your life for all those years. Not just somebody whom has looked you up 35 or so years later. Just so that they can add you on Facebook so that their numbers of friends can be boosted! Thus they look like their so popular just to impress others.

I must admit that I used to do that too many years ago because that’s what Facebook was for. LOL In the beginning I bought into the whole hype of Facebook and was no better myself.

Until I had a huge spiritual awakening many years ago now. I realised with utter shock that I was sharing far too much to the wrong people until one day I did end up with a real life stalker. Thus I left Facebook and other then big social networks like Yahoo profile pages, remember them? Linked in and Multiply.com etc.

The only social networks that I do sometimes participate in apart from blogs is on Google+ and Pinterest where you can be quite anonymous if you want to. I haven’t even bothered posting on Instagram for nearly a year. WTF for? Unless your a celebrity with a cult like following what is the whole point? I will probably close it when I get around to it. Lol

A pelican that we saw close by near the shoreline last week on a sunny winters day. We, my grandchildren, my daughter and I watched this penguin dive down deeply and then bring up a huge fish. Which it then greedily soon put into its beak sack. Nature can truly be the best medicine to societies woes.


So next time your on Facebook or any kind of social media where your sharing your family happy snaps and your inner most feelings. Just remember that everything you publish can be used in anyway by anyone. As a very computer savvy friend once said to me, “never publish anything that you’d be ashamed of if it hit the news”. Now when you analyze this it’s really important.

It’s just really sad that younger people don’t seem to care about sharing their drunken photos and/or revealing photos of themselves and sometimes it can get far worse. As well as writing disgusting things about others. I’m not quite sure why they don’t care? Imagine if your young how your future children may feel when they see Mum or Dad either in a Facebook or another online format in a compromising photo of some kind.

Say for instance when they were only 16 getting smashed on drugs or alcohol, or even worse a sexting photo or sexual video of themselves. How would your family and your future self feel about that fact? Try and imagine because in the computer age it’s so important. Is it because most people just don’t care that a future employer, university professor or future spouse/partner may go through their entire Facebook history to find out what they are really like?

They mostly do more than they don’t as that’s what future employers do is check a person’s online presence first before hiring them. I’m not saying that it’s right but it’s what employers usually always do today and that’s a fact. I’m not exaggerating people especially those whom have power over your future do this all of the time without a tinge of remorse.

Facebook has also made taking a “selfie” part of everyday life and language. I sometimes wonder how far it will go? Also the fact that so many people seem to be busy publicizing their own pretend perfect lives to feed their ever growing ego and narcissism, that they forget to live their real life. If they spent as much time worrying about their “real life” as their “Facebook” life and image they might actually get far further in life.

A curious seagull near our jetty at high tide last week.


Some do and open their own Facebook page to start and help their own business or a page under a pseudonym for magical or creative purposes. That’s completely different as it’s not exposing their families in anyway to any undue mischief that some people can make for them if they feel like it. I think that’s fine because then your using technology to improve your own lives economically and that of your families; that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

Yeah I may be old fashioned? But hell I’m so glad there weren’t social networks around when I was young back in “ye olden days”. Lol Back when our only form of immediate communication was the family telephone which had to be shared by everyone.

I’m so glad that I don’t have the stress of Facebook pictures from drinking too much at a party when I was only 15 for my adult children and grandchildren to see. Not everything is meant to be shared nor should it be. I guess people my age and older have an entirely different perspective because we grew up without computers.

Not a great pic as it’s mars and the moon approaching the recent blood moon taken on my phone. It looked far better in real life. Just like most things do of course.


Getting back to spirituality. Don’t forget to use all your other human senses. Hearing, feeling, sensing and seeing things in real life along with your inborn psychic abilities. Dot the forget to smell the flowers, feel the earth and smell the fresh air that surrounds you out in your garden or anywhere especially outdoors. We are human we aren’t meant to live the way that we do. We are meant to be hunter gatherers not wage slaves.

The best photo of mars that I could get when it was visible to all of Australia. Nature and the universe is awesome isn’t it!


After a hard days work just try disconnecting. Switch everything off and just breathe and relax and take in all the prana (lifeforce) that is your birth rite here on planet earth. Relax, unwind and connect with any of the elementals and then ultimately the source. Learn to like and love yourself without needing any reinforcement or not from social media. Feel what it’s like to truly ground yourself and become one with the earth.

You will feel far better psychologically for doing so. Just give it a try for at least a fortnight. Even in bad weather you can still do this inside. As I’ve done so today on a freezing cold day here in winter in Australia. So it can be done if you really want to do so.

Just give it a go! You know that you want to. Your body and mind need to destress to live healthily in every single way. Please do yourself this favour? I promise you that you will feel better especially spiritually and psychologically for doing so. Don’t delay and do so today or tonight.

Blessed Be & Namaste🙏






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Yes of course you do. Just as there is no wrong or right way to feel, think or look at this picture? As that of course is individual to every person on this planet. However I’m assuming if you’ve read this far your interested in not only witchcraft but the workings of the human mind. First of all for me when I look at this picture; Her image within my psyche makes me feel empowered, Magickal but somewhat lacking because I don’t feel as knowledgeable or beautifully in control as she is. I wish that I was as young and beautiful as her. Although I love all of this imagery deep down it makes me feel not as good about myself. Looking at beautiful young woman whilst admiring their beauty I’m jealous of them also. Then that makes me feel kind of angry especially as I am in my mid 50s and that’s just a biological fact.

I know in witchcraft that makes me “supposedly the Crone full of wisdom and much knowledge”. But let’s face it our culture is totally obsessed by youth and trying to look younger than your biological age for as long as possible. That’s why all the celebrities are all having heaps of plastic surgery, facelifts, teeth whitening and Botox injections etc. I mean Botox is literally injecting your face full of poison to look younger. WTF! I have no doubt that in the future science will find that procedures that people are now doing everyday are poisoning them and leading to more cancers in people that do so. Scientists won’t know the results on human life until at least fifty years after it’s first use. Until one day they find on a double blind trial that people have been being paid to be poisoned potentially killed just to look younger. We all get older and we will all die one day, it’s a fact! The sooner that you face that fact and accept your mortality the happier you will feel about living your life now in the present without worrying about death sometime in the future.

I often say that to anyone whom will listen. Lol It’s “my shadow” side coming to the forefront of my personality when I feel that I’m getting old too soon. Fact is I’m not. That notion is an illusion constructed by my own psyche due to the society we currently live in here in the Western World. The reality is nobody likes getting old! In fact in our society women are seen as being well past their use by date once their over 40. This phenomenon I believe is all part of living in a Patriarchal Misogynist Society! I mean look at Trump. I can never tell when his family are together which are his daughter’s and which one is his wife? Lol As every woman he marry’s is always younger than her predecessor. Yes it all makes me so angry that youth is on a pedestal. I mean yes of course. Anyone whom is ageing realises youth is incredibly beautiful and they wish that they could get it back again too. But to put youth on a pedestal is just ridiculous IMHO.

Whilst our elderly are often sadly lonely, neglected, suffering and just left to themselves to die on their own. Now that is a true tragedy of the western world where sometimes an old dying person’s own family can’t be bothered to take time out of their busy schedule to spend the last 48 hours or so whilst their own parent is dying. I’ve seen it happen to some elderly people in our own local hospital and quite frankly it’s utterly disgraceful and upsets me a lot on a very deep visceral level.

Now back to the above picture which can bring out all these sad, angry and melancholic obsolete emotions within me. I feel angry at our western capitalist materialist society that makes ageing women feel obsolete like an old computer ready for the dumpster. There was a time in history not so long ago where Witches were seen as “the wise woman of the village”. The healer, the counsellor and often the midwife for their communities amongst other things. My own maternal great grandmother was “the wise woman of Meadows” in the hills of the early 1900s of South Australia. She didn’t identify as a witch but she lived as a pagan. She grew her plants according to the moon phases, she healed and helped people with her great knowledge of herbs and she was a midwife and delivered many babies up there. She did this to help support her nine children. As she got older she was respected, loved and even feared by some. Lol The point is just looking at this picture has inflamed my “shadow side” and my fear of ageing. Yep ok, I’ve  admitted it. I fear aging ok. Like 99.99% of the population and that’s a fact. I don’t fear death but physical suffering for a long time without any help. Yep that freaks me out….more than just a bit.

Once upon a time in a society far, far away; older women were respected and revered by younger women and men. Nowadays your lucky if a young person will give you a seat on a bus, tram or train. I know this for a fact because I suffer from chronic pain as you already know and my “entheogenic medication” had worn out hours before. So there I was struggling to stand up on the crowded bus after The Rolling Stones Concert. It was only a relatively short bus ride to my brother in laws home for the night because we live too far away to drive home for 2 hours after such a huge night. I loved it all of course but I was seriously exhausted and in pain. I was literally hanging onto the bus pole for dear life and felt like collapsing. My poor husband realised this and nearly had to catch me as the bus braked suddenly I nearly fell on my back as the bus suddenly took off.

The two young people guy’s sitting in front of me just sat there and totally ignored me. It’s like they were totally blind to my presence. They say middle aged women are invisible even though I was a bit “glammed up for me” that night. lol. However I was obviously totally invisible to these guys whom were sitting right in front of me. They looked between 20-28 perhaps no older. However they were both obviously brought up very badly by their parents not to give a seat to an older women than them whom was obviously struggling. Apparently the pain was written all over my face. So my companions all told me afterwards after such a huge day and night. Thankfully these “young men” got off the bus sooner rather than later. Then my sister Inlaw quickly grabbed the seat and said to me “come and sit here quickly”. Needless to say she didn’t have to ask me twice. Lol So this experience alone dredges up so much that is locked within my shadow side. After all this it brought up lots of dreadful feelings that I knew that I just had to get out of my system. Far easier said than done at times my friends.

So what I do firstly is to often write out why something has triggered my shadow side? Then whilst I’m writing out in detail either by hand or using my online journal app. I often add pictures, photos and relevant artwork. Sometimes I like sketching and colouring in to get some of these negative feelings that my shadow side has brought up. Another thing I do is to ground myself either inside or outside depending on the weather? Sometimes I meditate but more often than not I go into my ritual room and put on the appropriate atmospheric or witchy music in there. My choice of music depends on my mood of course. If I’m really angry often I play old school heavy metal like “Black Sabbath” because it truly helps me to get all my anger out. I light candles and incense. Basically just using good old traditional witchcraft. Then it’s up to me to help myself. To get my psyche back in check. There is more that I do at other times of course too. However it all depends on the individual situation and how badly it’s affected me internally.

Once I’ve settled down or if I’m not too angry to begin with, just kind of melancholic (the Victorian eras term for major depression) I sit quietly, ground myself by sitting on the floor in the Classic cross legged Buddha pose on the floor sitting on a couple of cushions. Occasionally I’ll have a bit of my chronic pain “entheogenic medication” to help with not only physical pain but it often helps many people whom need a change in consciousness to get themselves out of a hole.

***A HUGE DISCLAIMER here*** I’m not recommending that others do this. As I only use it when I really, really need to do so. Sometimes I don’t touch it for a month or so truly. I use it very responsibly, and don’t drive nor operate heavy machinery nor do anything remotely dangerous obviously. Anyone whom does either of these things is “a bloody idiot and dangerous to others”. Always be sensible, mature and be safe if using entheogens of any kind obviously! I might add that in this situation such as shadow work, I usually don’t use an enthogen. As sometimes depending on one’s mood and total mindset it can sometimes make things even worse.

Anyway then I ground myself whilst sitting in my ritual room or out on my lawn and really ground myself. I surround myself with candles. Big thick white church candles are ideal but if you can’t get them and you’ve only got coloured ones – go for it. After all it’s all about intent. I also have my incense within the circle with me. I personally find sandal wood is the most spiritually cleansing when deeply meditating to truly get in touch with the deep dark inner you. Frankincense is a great incense to use if you know that it’s more of a spiritual issue that you need to deal with. Dragons Blood incense is great when you know that you need some spiritual and psychological heavy artillery to back up your own intense shadow work. Always experiment and use what’s write for your individual situation.

Yeah I know that it can be scary at times. But if you persevere it’s like receiving a gift of diamonds at the end it really is. Another thing you can do depending in the time? Is to have a cleansing ritual bath in good old sea salt, Rose essence, lavender essence and rose petals if you’ve got some fresh or dried. I also put in lavender as well. I prefer fresh if I still have some left growing in my garden. I usually have some dried lavender on standby most of the time. Also a few drops of pure tea tree oil which we have in abundance in Australia is really healing and helps to open your aura and chakras too.

Then lie in your beautiful scented herbal bath and relax and go deeply within. Until you hear that whisper inside of you, that’s your spirit trying to communicate with you. Tell her/him how your shadow side has reacted to….. and has made you feel. Then lovingly ask for his/her help to heal you. Call upon your God form, spirit guide or Angel to help you overcome whatever it is that is bothering you? You don’t have to verbally say anything but say it telepathically. Remember though in the end it’s all about integrating your psyche instead of compartmentalising everything which isn’t mentally healthy for anyone to keep on doing. One’s psyche can only sustain all the crap inside of us before something eventually gives. Unfortunately I found that out in the nineties that you can’t compartmentalise grief and trauma forever! Because it does catch up with you eventually believe me it does.

However the inner demons you hear within youare just daemons created by your own psyche’s shadow side. We’ve all got some buried deep down that have sometimes been there since early childhood for some people. They are not going to possess you or taunt you like Hollywood portrays which is a total joke. Our inner demons or daemons are all a normal part of our shadow side. We all have daemons within our psyche or we wouldn’t be human. It would take me ages to explain but just google daemons and read about the original terms that stem from the Graeco/roman ancient cultures.

I’m not saying that there aren’t real demons out there in the astral and they can come into our world also but they are very ancient beings that have been around or a very long time. Long before the first one celled bacteria called life on this planet. However they are a completely different thing entirely believe me. Once I saw one so bad it totally freaked me out years ago. I only saw it because I was trying to help a magician whom had invoked it. Thankfully it all worked out in the end but at the time I really was horrified to see such a thing. But rest assured working with your own inner daemons is nothing like that sort of thing at all.

Now getting back to the image of this beautiful woman. Once I get my shadow side out of the way I appreciate the confidence, power, magick, beauty, glamour of this incredible looking gothic sorceress which is really what this artwork of this magickal woman portrays to me. I also feel the connection this beautiful Gothic Sorceress has (this is what my psyche sees/feels about her) has with her necromantic/spirit & divination skull/portal. I have a very similar skull myself. In my magickal practice my skull is my actual portal to connect with the spirits whom help me and empower my life in so many different and incredible ways. You may feel very differently about this picture perhaps? That is fine because whatever you see and feel is your truth. Along with the abilities that are locked within us all.

This Witch or Sorceress has her right hand upon the skull her power hand. Then her left hand the receiving hand is holding the book, probably a grimoire or book of shadows. Reading, chanting or reading a spell perhaps? Maybe she could be communicating with the disincarnate? They are no different than us, because they were like us once, they still are, they exist on another level totally different to us until they are reincarnated in this realm or another unknown dimension or multiverse etc. once again.

Art in its many forms is so incredibly important because art reminds us that we are immortal beings that feel joy, sorrow, grief, love but our souls are encased in this mortal body. Combining spirituality with art and psychology is not new. However sadly it seems to have become a lost “Arte” for most people these days which is really sad. Everyone is too busy 24/7 with Facebook updating, checking, reading news etc. With all this technological over stimulation no wonder the ancient art of the Shamans and the Hermetic Axiom of Magick for most people has been forgotten? Because as a society most people just can’t stop…to listen…to feel…..be inspired……to communicate with a deceased loved one….quieten your mind…..concentrate….use a tag lock/key lock….help the spirits to speak with you and they really will. If looking for this result? Be prepared for it to change your life because it does and most people find it very hard to live with any sort of paranormal activity even on a small scale it does happen.

It’s a lost art not a “Dark Arte” as some like to say. Necromantic magick is nothing scary or exclusive as everyone can have this ability. If you practice, learn and study it will happen if your patient, careful and respectful of all spirits. It’s just a matter of time? All of this information straight from the ideas that this picture has made me recall from deep within my psyche. I’m baring my inner thoughts, ideas and feelings with you now, the reader. It’s almost like being naked but in an esoteric kind of sense of course. The spirits that I work or call on the most are my own Ancestors of course. I have an area that is dedicated to them all year round not just at Samhain “Halloween” like many witches and Occultists do. I have two very loving ancestors in particular that are always around me especially when I ask them to be. The people that once loved you in life still love you once they’ve left their bodies. Energy and love can never be destroyed! Anyway I’m digressing here again a bit. Lol

Art truly inspires us in so many different ways and without it our civilisation would be a very bleak, boring and desolate place indeed. Art is also a way of exploring our inner most psyche like the mirrored black blotch tests that were used, and still are today by psychoanalysts and psychiatrists to help explore the psyche on each side of the paper. What one sees amongst the splotches is like a mirror inside one’s mind for the psychoanalyst. Thus enabling the therapist to help a person understand themselves and their own drives. For instance one person may see two ladies sitting down in Victorian gowns and another may see a monster eating limbs.

This picture of this sorceress above inspires me to remind me of the Goddess that I really am. We all are as women and we need to remember that to empower ourselves within a still mainly patriarchal society. inner Goddess that dwells within all of us as women, We are the creators and givers of human life as we bring our children into the world. In saying that though I believe that every woman is a Goddesses and every man a God. As without our womb life could not grow and be nurtured and without his seed human life would not be possible either. Neither male nor female is superior in anyway. We are all equal as people come in many types and variations. We should all honour whichever archetypes truly make our spirits sing.

This picture also reminds me of some of the beautiful things I have especially gorgeous, valuable heirlooms and gifts given to me with so much love by my family it’s humbling. See how after changing your mindset a simple thing like a picture can make you feel completely different right! I’ve actually got hairpieces to do this style as well. So why not? Their is no law on long hair and getting older is there? My great grandmother had long silver hair to below her waist. She used to plait it and sometimes put it up in a bun too. She was a very beautiful woman for a woman of 91 years old. Sadly I never got to meet her because she transitioned from this world when I was only 18 months old. I have a treasured family photo of her nursing me as a baby. Four generations of strong women all in one photo.

The women especially from my maternal side are and have been such incredibly strong, intelligent, articulate and proud women. We always endure no matter how we feel especially as in healthwise. Sometimes this can be a fault as I like my own mother and my maternal grandmother before her, tend to cover up to people that I’m feeling ok. Even when I feel ready to almost drop. This is wrong I know but comes from my shadow side that tells me that I need to be just as strong (healthy) as everyone else despite certain genetic markers…….which is total rubbish! Problem is as an exactress I’m far too good at fooling people. For me this particular issue is a work in progress which comes from my upbringing more than my shadow side. I will write far more about this particular issue in another blog post.
Back to the gothic sorceress picture: I truly love her black satin dress which looks just stunning on her. I’ve got 3 long black dresses but not a satin one quite like this one just yet. Lol I have some similar items to what she is wearing though. One of which is a bejewelled peacock necklace which really means a lot to me and feels truly magickal like an amulet. I am also psychologically and spiritually attuned to the way she’s stroking her skull too. I do that to mine sometimes especially for connecting with the Death current for spirit communication, as well as necromantic divination amongst other things. She (my skull) her spirit always responds to it. I’m not kidding either especially as she always brings through whichever ancestor whom I need to communicate with and or daemons/demons, Angels or other disincarnate spirits that happen to be around.

We have a very old graveyard nearby from the early settlers out here in coastal rural S.A. Whom were mainly Scottish and German. Another coincidence or is it not? As most of my ancestry is Scottish and our town is named after the other original in Scotland! Of course as a Witch I don’t believe in coincidences ~ it’s pure synchronicity. Just like duality, polarity, light and dark, sun and the moon etc. Everything is connected within the multiverse. Just ask any smart young quantum physicist! They will tell you it’s a fact that science will catch up to some day.

When I ask an ancestor or a spirit? They always answer and guide me and their always right! Just like my tarot cards and runes.
 If I don’t listen and do the opposite? Then things end up going wrong. So I’ve learnt over the years the hard way I might add to always take their advice because they are always right. They know what’s right for me! Now from a Jungian perspective I’m sure you can see why? Because once we face our inner demons/daemons and then deal with them, understand them, then throw them out asap and/or just learn to live with them?

We can even make friends with some of our shadow side stuff and that’s alright too. If they don’t serve any positive purpose at all? Then get rid of them and purge your own inner daemons/demons. Sometimes you can even have a magickal and/or special ceremony to do so. You will feel much better about it all afterwards because once you confront it and deal with it? Then whatever your shadow side has thrown up to your psyche will no longer upset you anymore. Often our shadow side helps us to grow far stronger within than we ever thought possible.

To get your shadow side “trigger” out of your system, it can help you if you write them all out. Then burn them and then throw them away and scatter them to the wind or the sea or a flowing stream. You can even bury them if you like. Just throw them right out of your house and psychologically and psychically they are now cleansed from your psyche. Now you can look whatever it was that upset your shadow side in the first place. Whether it’s a comment on Face Book, a boyfriend not calling, a friend letting you down, pictures of overly slim models in magazines etcetera etc “ad infinitum”.

Please feel free to use my Shadow Cleansing Below it’s not perfect poetry but it actually works.

I’m happy for anyone to copy it onto their blog or other forms of social media. All as I ask is that you add a link to my blog here. Thank you for Internet courtesy my friends.



First of all call the circle of the Craft of the Wise

Call the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water & Spirit

Call the Goddess, God and The Source/Spirit

Say: I am now cleansed shiny and new.

As I burn by writing and art of all my shadow work in the fire

I watch my inner demons and disturbing thoughts go up in flames

I thank the Goddess for cleansing me using fire

AsI thank the Goddess for destroying my demons to never disturb me again.

I’m free as a bird just flying through the air, I’m waiting for my angels wings

My heart is full of love because I know that you are there waiting for me

Ive been set free now, I can start my life anew all thanks to you my Goddess

Whilst I toss these ashes into the ………..fill in the blanks(add sea, dirt, river, stream, forest)

Go away my dreaded fiend by the power of the Goddess your fate is sealed

I ask this in the name of the Goddess, So Mote it Be and it is Done

I certainly won’t miss you inner demons as you sink deep down into the abyss

I’m free from your dreaded torture, my mind is mine and is feeling free

Thank you to the Goddess, The God and the Source, The One, The All

For being part of my ritual and destroying my inner demons with such force

I thank the elements of the earth, air, fire, water and spirit for being a part of my rite.

I thank you beautiful Moon Goddess for your power, compassion and grace,

As above So Below is the Magickal chant of us all, The Craft of the Wise

So Mote it Be……!!!

Blessed Be and Namaste to you, my Goddess, my friend……………(add your own name at the end here)


I hope that you like this simple ritual that I’ve made specifically for shadow work. It has helped me a lot over the years that’s for sure. It’s simple, quick and effective but you have to put in your all (your intent) for real success. Plus on a psychological level only it still works well even for those whom aren’t into any sort of spiritual belief system at all.

In the end it’s just a really easy basic way to help you to get rid of any unnecessary daemons/demons that have been brought out by your “shadow side”. Trust me……”we all have one”…..a Shadow Side that is.

If you need any help getting your head around the whole concept of shadow work either in a psychological or spiritual way? Please feel free to email me if you need to. I’m always happy to help good people from suffering in any way that I can. My email details are below under my profile here and on Google+ and on my Gravatar ID.

Blessed Be & Namaste to All,🙏🏻

Love CazWytch⭐️❤🌙🐬🌊🌈🦇🌹💀🌏✨


The topic of “Necromancy” or “Necromantic Magick” sounds so very scary, gothic or macabre but it’s not really. Anyhow I recently read on another blog that recommends various substitutes for real blood. Ranging from beetroot or wine or dragons blood etc. Now this may be fine for what I call “necromancy lite”. When people are virtually role playing to a degree. Where Witches or Magicians etc. are pretending to even themselves that they are working with the disincarnate when it’s obvious they are not. To read of this makes me feel quite sad because there are people out there that believe that these kinds of things will make up for real human blood. Trust me they won’t. These items are fine for rituals but will not work like a real blood offering for the disincarnate. Spirits are highly evolved beings compared to us and they know the difference straight between substitute fake blood items and real blood away. Some of them even get angry when they know that your trying to fool them. Just don’t do this because it’s not worth it at all and your necromantic practice could end very badly and when this happens even the most experienced Witch, Mage or Spiritualists of any kind can not make the situation better. This is why I am writing this particular blog to share with you some of the things that can happen to you when practising Necromancy. It’s not a game to play with spirits it’s a sacred act.

From what I have learnt and observed none of these alternative substitute’s make up properly for real blood because spirits are not fooled in any way believe me. If somebody is squeamish then in my honest opinion they shouldn’t be practising necromancy anyway. To me it’s not a hobby or something to do but a vocation, it’s a true calling. I not only work with my own ancestors but also spirits from my local graveyard. I also look after my local graveyard especially the very old and neglected graves. There is also such an incredible energy that I experience from the death current which is like nothing from this world and is hard to describe. However it is not only powerful but also pure and incredibly visceral that’s for sure. After all cemeteries are a”Necropolis” a true “City of the Dead”.

They (the disincarnate) all deserve our respect in every way as after all we shall join them one day. The disincarnate always react best to real blood. This is because it reminds them of being truly alive. Back when their bodies were full of blood with a beating heart and a brain. I’m not writing this to sound macabre; I’m sharing this so that you can get an idea about how the disincarnate feel about being alive and why they respond so well to pure blood. I will also mention if one is making a pact with some discarnate entity there is nothing that attracts them and binds them to you more than using your own blood. Yes necromantic work with blood is risky but the results are more than worth it. Do your homework read and practise your ritual at home first to make sure you really know what your doing before you get to the cemetery.

Always remember to pack your basket or bag or whatever full of all your necromantic tools from your wand and athame to your offerings for the dead, your incense, herbs, oils, lancets, candles. As well as a lantern or torch of some kind if you are practising Necromantic Magick at night. To me that is the best time as not only is the cemetery quiet with nobody (alive) there. But it is also the best time psychically to connect with spirits in my experience because nearly everybody in the surrounding area is asleep. So there is no psychic chatter to disturb you in your mind. Thus making it so much easier to practise your  I personally find that after midnight and before 3-4am is the best time for necromantic workings. It’s so quiet that I can set up everything that I need to for the spirit I am working with. I have also found that I get better results as it’s easier for my own mind to have no distractions from others so that my mind can first of all connect with the death current and then the individual spirit that I am working with.


My own Necromantic Skull which I use at home in my ritual room, at the cemetery of course and sometimes down on the beach. As well as up on our cliffs overlooking the ocean near our home. As well as within my sacred circle within my own backyard upon my lawn where nature surrounds me in every way from our large palm trees, stunning Rubinia trees, gum trees, wild coastal sun daisies, eclectic plants to large amounts of wild lavender and wild rosemary etc. They are not only beautiful to look at but also always useful for me as a Witch to use for spellcraft too. One needs to feel safe and relaxed when attempting spirit invocation/evocation, divination or communication of any kind. When you feel truly relaxed that is when you are able to really get yourself into the type of trance and quietness of mind needed to practise Necromancy. That is when your spirit work and magick truly begins! I truly can’t complain though as I’m surrounded by nature everywhere here from trees to the ocean so close by. For these things I am truly Blessed and say “Thank you with love and appreciation”. 

If you feel the need to wear something that protects you? Apart from wearing the standard pentagram somewhere upon you, it’s a good idea to wear onyx somewhere upon you. You can use Jet as well but I don’t think it’s as powerful as onyx. I’ve found onyx is the best crystal as it reflects any negative vibrations or spirits away from you. I also like to wear amber somewhere either a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. After all amber is the fossilised resin of pine trees that grew 30 million ears ago. Quite often amber is unpure and has fossilised insects within it but that doesn’t matter. Amber not only increase psychic ability but in the Tarot corresponds to Death as well as the Chariot. Garnet is also great to wear or even to take with you in the form of a crystal in your hand because of its protective qualities for the wearer. In the Middle Ages it was said to protect you from demons and phantoms of all kinds. Astrologically garnet corresponds with the two fire signs Sagittarius and Aries, Planet Mars and Tarot Strength. Garnet also protects you from Baneful Spirits and has been a favoured stone for shamans and witches for Millenia. I personally favour garnet because I am your typical Aries in so many ways.

When first entering the graveyard and leaving your ritual offerings at the Gate such as alcohol like bourbon and/or penny’s, food of some kind (pomegranates are great if you are able to find or purchase them), crystals of any kind are great, chocolates, cigar/s and more. In the end you offer what you feel resonates with your particular cemetery. As offerings and gifts should be culturally appropriate to where your “Necropolis” is located. As well as the culture, race and religion of the disincarnate within the cemetery you have chosen to work in. This is important because you don’t want to offend the spirits within. For instance  if it’s a Jewish cemetery section you are working in you may like to offer some food that is “kosher” and if it is a Muslim cemetery or section you would offer food that is “Halal”. As well as not offering alcohol as it’s forbidden in Islam. A Christian cemetery you probably already know what to do there and if it’s a Pagan section, well as Witches and Mages etc. that’s like hitting the jackpot. 

After all as Pagans ourselves we all know what they would like right! Even better if you actually knew the person and which Gods, Goddesses, Angels or Daemons that they worked with. As this will help you contact them so much more easily. If the person was somebody whom was once very close to you obviously you already know what they liked in life….so offer it to them. Be patient and don’t be upset if nothing happens the first time round. Necromantic Spirit work can take much time, concentration, patience and a giving nature. Make sure you are truly listening with all of your senses not just your ears. Quite often spirits like to communicate telepathically or some like to just answer yes and no questions using Divination like a pendulum. Others answer better to scrying using so many things from a clear quartz or smoky quartz crystal to automatic writing and even pictures. I find that all spirits are different and can quite often surprise you by communicating with you in ways you don’t expect. Sometimes they can frighten you but usually it’s not on purpose as it takes a lot of energy for a spirit to communicate even at the cemetery. Sometimes at home I communicate with certain spirits through my home portal. However I need a whole other blog to explain to you all how that works, the drawer backs, the good parts and what it’s really like to invite strange spirits into your home? Trust me it’s not something anybody should undertake lightly.

Anyway back to the cemetery. If the graves are very old such as before the year 1900 it’s a good idea to Google the era they are from because then you will get some ideas that you wouldn’t have normally thought of. Such as offering coloured twine and thread because sewing a lot yourself as well as embroidery was such a huge part of most women’s lives back then. Another example is when you tune in psychically and find a spirit whom really wants to work with you and has answered clearly “yes”. Then you can ask him or her would like as an offering? This is a good idea if you intend to work with your spirit for quite awhile. It’s good practise and polite to bring your chosen spirit an offering that you know they would like. One particular beautiful young spirit who died in 1886 wanted an offering of oil. As when he had been alive he had worked on late 1800’s farming machinery in our area. So wheat and beer reminded him of being alive so that’s what I took to him and still do sometimes.


This is a picture of Baron Samedi or Papa Legpa from Haitian Voudou. He is the keeper of the Crossroads and the Underworld and so much more. To learn more check out Haitian Voudou and the Loa. Believe me they have an incredible magical system within Haitian Voudou.

You can use medical lancets like diabetics do and they don’t hurt a bit. I have a large box of them and sometimes use 3-4 of them to remove enough blood just for one magickal working. Some Witches, Occultists or Mages also use extremely sharp small surgical knives or even razor blades sometimes. However these can be extremely dangerous when used by either the inexperienced, fearful or anybody whom is unstable at the time. In any of these cases one shouldn’t be practising necromancy with blood ritual because to be honest it can be very, very dangerous. It can also be unsettling. It can also go wrong too and if it does? Well you need a really airtight back up plan because not all spirits are friendly. Just like people some are great and others can get really angry. If so there are ways to placate them also with offerings, prayers and mantras. Then just turn away and don’t look back. Because you don’t want them following you home as they can latch themselves upon you quite easily.

I also always remember to give the Gatekeeper of the Graveyard an offering at the gate. When I get there and when I leave as well. It can be the traditional three penny’s to food, tobacc, flowers or herbs. But always offer something for the Gatekeeper at any cemetery you visit after all it’s good manners to bring a gift to whomever you visit isn’t it. The disincarnate are no different than we are and they relish and reward those whom bother to bring them gifts. Often I bring them alcohol like a shot of bourbon, flowers and some chocolates. I’ve never known a spirit of any kind to be upset at that sort of offering. Also put your heart and soul into choosing your gifts and always give with generosity as they truly know whether you have or not. Now this might sound a bit Santeria or Voudou to some but to me it’s all part of being a Real Traditional Witch. As we live by the oce an I sometimes take shells, sand and seawater as an offering to the Gatekeeper and/or individual spirits. They seem it to like offerings from the sea as for most of them the sea was a big part of their lives apart from farming in the district. As over the years many of us incorporate practises from other parts of the world because let’s face it we are all human and they are all disincarnate/spirits of some kind. So it really doesn’t matter if you incorporate practises from other belief systems as long as you always treat them with respect and have all the knowledge you need to make certain belief systems part of your eclectic practise as an “Eclectic Traditional Witch”.

Now if all this sounds like too much trouble to you? Then you shouldn’t be practising necromancy at all. It is not a practice for everyone and sadly those whom don’t practise it are the first to judge and condemn. So to them I say “butt out and leave us alone to practice our Craft in peace”. So far I’ve been lucky and nobody has ever, ever disturbed me. It also helps me a lot as out here our cemetery gates are not closed at night. Probably because our population is much lower and our crime rate is very low too thankfully. Therefore it’s not a problem leaving our graveyards open due to these two factors which is great for anybody whom practises the so called Dark Arte of Necromancy. Once you truly understand this practise you will know there is nothing evil about it unless you want it to be. Yes tragically there are some whom have no morals and bait spirits to trap them in either boxes, pots or jewellery. This is basically spiritual slavery which is completely wrong and when these spirits finally escape? Then they wreak so much havoc and sorrow upon their owners as revenge for their captivity. This is a whole other topic that I will focus on in another blog about “spiritual slavery”. Just don’t do it ok then you will be fine because if you really analyse it….How would you like to be baited and trapped for years and years “ad nauseum” or even eternity? It goes without saying….you wouldn’t right….and you wouldn’t want it for your loved ones either.

So before you go dashing off to your local cemetery or wherever to do blood ritual to invoke or evoke the dead, daemons, angels or any god form of any kind or beings wha sure you really know what your doing. That you know all the risks involved and what to do about any sort of bad situation or spirit that may arise. Be prepared and be alert. Always make sure that you have all that you need with you in a basket or bag of some kind. Always be alert for other people especially at night because you don’t want to get into any trouble with your local authorities. Also always clean up any residue from your candle wax , incense and magickal tools etc. because you don’t want to leave anything behind on any of the graves apart from any offerings you have given of course. These days there are more and more ordinary people whom leave unusual and sometimes permanent offerings on graves. I’ve seen all sorts from the usual angel statues to teddy bears especially if it’s a young child’s grave. Now those are the graves that make me feel the saddest. I always work with old graves and with spirits whom have lived a long and fulfilled life. For instance if I want a spirit whom can help me with money matters I choose the graves of a family that I know have been financially successful for generations. So obviously one of them is great to work with if I need help financially.

I also should mention that spirits do not reward those whom are greedy. Now this is not about karma or anything like it. It’s how the spirit’s themselves feel about greed in general. Always remember unless you come across a spirit whom is pure evil they are far more spirituality evolved than we are and do not reward those whom are truly materialistic. Those are the people that end up with often a huge tragedy in their lives. They may end up with millions for example after a loved one could have been seriously injured or killed in some way or another. I’m not just saying this as other’s have told me and I’ve seen their stories of tragedy play out and by then there is nothing they can do. Not even trying to reverse their spell with their spirit helps because whatever has happened seems to always be irreversible.

I met a really Evil Witch whom was a neighbour years ago near one of my adult children. When I met her she boasted of making an 18 year old young man a paraplegic for life just because he annoyed her. Her aura was so dark and when she went to touch my hand it felt like an electric shock going through me. I quickly removed my hand that day when I first met her and said “I don’t want you touching me at all let alone read my palm”! She then cackled to herself and said to me; “Don’t worry I don’t want to be friend’s with a Witch whom only practises good magick”. To say I was stunned is an understatement. I felt pure evil that day within and surrounding her. So I stood up, made an excuse and got away from her straight away.  Her aura was the darkest I have ever seen like dark storm clouds before a major tsunami! So awful that words cannot explain the evil that I felt from her that was so bad that I felt nauseous. Thankfully after much magickal practise on my part my adult child moved away from there and then her whole life improved thereafter.

I’m honestly not saying this to frighten anyone but I do know from experience that necromancy is not a practice for the faint hearted. Thankfully Im not scared easily as I saw my first ghost/spirit at only 11 years old. So I guess I’m used to all types of paranormal activity in my life. In fact if it didn’t happen at all I would be freaked out then. Lol

You can use a couple of drops of blood in wine as well as Dragons blood for incense. I find that the disincarnate quite like that combination. They also like for incense frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and patchouli amongst other things. They like crystals, they love food, alcohol, tobacco especially cigars, jewellery if you can spare it, religious statues for some, icons like Angel statues and all the things that they loved in life. Always remember not to be afraid as fear pushes them away or can make others not happy at all.

Happy Necromantic Workings also 

Blessings to you all,



Thursday, May 7, 2015Originally written on Blogspot at: http//:enchantedspirotualawakenings.blogspot.com.au


A self portrayal of introspection and longing.
Longing for a world where those who see beauty in the dark things are not considered strange.
I see beauty in most things that are of the night.

As without darkness and shadows,

how can one experience the light?
I embrace my shadow side and until “you do”,

Some things can haunt you until you face your inner demons or “daemons” in either a psychological or magickal process.
When it is done maybe then if your mostly light inclined,

Then you will be able to be at peace in the darkness.

Instead of fearing it and see the goodness hiding within it.
Believe me there is such exquisite beauty in the night. Not only the moon but the sensitive melancholy that temporarily is our part of the world whilst we experience the night!
Look to the tears “dew drops” on a blood red rose.

Then look to the blood on your own small finger.

Is the drop of blood not as heart rending as the dew drop on the rose?

Yes it is. It is more so……
Dark beauty is eternal beauty.

Look within your psyche deeply and only then shall you find the truth!
The final truth that sets all our souls free…one day….we have to accept death’s final kiss.

As it will be our ever final mortal embrace.
Memento Mori…….
Dark Blessings to you,
CazWytch 🌟⭐🌟


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My altar as an Empathic Eclectic Necromantic Jungian Chaos SeaWitch is very simple one at the moment. My athame (Scottish sword), 2 wands one for healing with crystals and copper, the other with natural elements from wood, feather to crystals. Celtic Style Book of Shadows with a little lock upon it. I think it’s so cute but as locks go…anybody could open it. Lol

The elements are always with us all. I especially have my seawater in my jar with the pentagram that is my “holy water” from the Southern Ocean. Which is one/if not one of the clearest oceans in the world as from here it’s straight to Antarctica from South Australia. That’s why the water here feels so empowered it’s one of the best kept secrets for those of us in the know. Along with certain caves out in the Australian outback there are secrets/gnosis from the Indignious People of Australia that is the longest “living culture” alive on earth. Some say around 60,000 years and some say more.

Anyway tonight for me is all about remembering our sacred elements. It’s one of the first things that Witches ever learn: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. But here in Australia as everything seems back to front in a “Northern Hemisphere” “centricworld”. Why do you think we are called “The Land Down Under” by the infamous Australian band “Men at Work” that truly put Australia on the map after performing at the Sydney Olympics back in the year 2000. Seems just like only yesterday to me, lol, but it’s 16 years ago now.

All our Sabbats and equinoxes are the exact opposite to those of you in the N.H. Whilst you’ve been celebrating Beltaine we celebrate Samhain and so on.


We have recently had the winter Equinox & Yule whilst you all had the Summer Equinox. It sometimes seems like our world is at loggerheads and to a degree it is weather wise. To the north you have earth as that’s right for the N.H. Weather, winds, earth etc. whereas North here “down under” means a hot north wind, a heatwave where we get blistering temperatures sometime for weeks between 39C which is 102.2F and 46C is nearly 115F. Now perhaps you can see why us Aussies hate a North Wind. It often reminds us of heatwaves, bushfires, fun times at the Beach but we got sunburnt as kids as our patents didn’t know any better, barbecues, airconditioning bills that go through the so much more. It’s not a land for the faint hearted and that’s why most of Australia in the Centre is empty apart from Alice Springs, Uluru, Roxby Downs and other mining towns that are fighting to survive with the economic downturn in minerals.

So with all this incredibly powerful heat it’s obvious that Fire is our true North here in the Southern Hemisphere just the same as we see your moon back to front ~ truly we do.
Sadly most of the Witchcraft books are nearly all Southern Hemisphere Centric but sme have been written by wonderful Witches such as: Frances Billinghurst etcetera etc that put our land down under into perspective.


You see the problem is since I was a child watching B&W TV back in the 1960s and then we got colour in the late 1970s we always saw American movies portraying a perfect “white Xmas”. Yeah right that never happens for Aussie kids unless their parents take them overseas. Most Xmas preparations for us Aussies have the enduring fear “will Xmas be too hot” and will whomever is cooking it end up in the hospital because of heat exhaustion. Don’t laugh it happens a lot regularly because we are trying to mimick the Northern Hemisphere with heavy winter food and in the end it makes us all feel sick eating hot turkey, veg, pork, ham, puddings, brandy sauce etc. Xmas tradition for many Aussies is that everyone is so exhausted that when the young kids have a sleep so does everyone else. I remember sometimes my Dad not being to wake up because he was so exhausted. Driving seeing all the rellies “relatives”, long drives back and forth with my brother and I in the back of the car usually feeling overtired and cranky.

Don’t get me wrong we enjoyed Xmas as young kids a lot. However now that I’m older myself I remember both my grandmother’s slaving over hot stoves, sweating, looking pale and nauseous their blood pressure going up etc. They weren’t having fun! They were unpaid slaves back thus that’s the way it was.


However thankfully as time went by and people finally started to realise that all of this hot winter food was only making us Aussies sick, hot, fat and tired of it all. Then began the era of the cold Xmas dinners and seafood platters. There’s nothing better than a large platter of South Australian King Prawns nothing better than this followed by a cold beer no master what beer you choose…it has to be Ivey cold!!! Barbecues outside no matter what they were? They were always delicious and the salads were so creative they were to die for. Then often pavlova for dessert.


So better than hot pudding that’s why we do “Xmas in July” here now. To try and recreate the Northern Hemispheres yummy winter food when it’s meant to be eaten in winter! Lol Sometimes us Aussies have Xmas picnic down on the actual beach. Playing beach cricket between courses whilst drinking at the same time. LOL It’s taken us in the Southern Hemisphere a long time to wake up to the fact that hot filling winter meals aren’t the smartest thing to be cooking and eating when Xmas is summer for us and nine times out of ten it’s usually a day of extreme temperatures.

Occasionally we get a “cool Xmas” and everyone loves that because that’s the best time for those who want a traditional turkey and pudding winter feast to actually enjoy it, instead of enduring all the cooking making the house hot and unbearable. Mostly for the cook but eventually the entire house feels like a furnace. I remember enduring hot Xmas dinners as a child with no airconditioning. But after we had eaten at my Pop’s Beachshack, we swam and cooled down and had so much fun cooling down in the ocean.



The whole point being that our seasons and elements are the opposite here in Australia. So our elements are North-Fire, East-water, South -Earth, West – Air and of course the alchemical Fifth element is Spirit no matter what Hemisphere we all live in!

Anyway I wrote this blog mainly for my Northern Hemisphere readers to give them or/you an idea of what it’s like to celebrate Xmas in the Southern Hemisphere like here in Australia. Where it’s usually hot, sticky and humid depending on your location and the weather forecast. Every .year my family and I always hope for a cool Xmas Day and when it is! We are all really happy to know that we don’t have to put up with extremely hot weather.

Here’s hoping that we (us Aussies) have a cool Xmas day to look forward to in 2016…..Cheers!!!🍾🍻🍷🍸🍹

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NECROMANTIC MAGICK – A brief overview of my magickal practice.

Necromantic Magick, Divination, Readings tarot, oracle & Angel cards. Spiritually based Spellcraft from candle Magick & Mojo bags or your own “Egregore or Servitore” with your own consecrated and empowered “Sigil” programmed to do your will & so much more because of my ancestors & other spirits whom have chosen to work with since I was a child.

It’s hard to describe what I actually practice and believe in. However the closest I can get to describing myself is that I’m an Empathic Necromantic Eclectic Jungian Chaos Sea Witch/Occultist whom loves to do divination for others especially tarot & oracle cards. But Runes are available too by request. I love to push the boundaries and to make other’s lives happier by using my own magickal abilities as well as my career qualifications in psychology, programme planning, life skills/life coach & rehabilitation. Don’t worry if it’s something that I know I just can’t do? I will let you know straight away. I don’t believe in B.S.!!! I’m also having a “winter or summer sale” depending on whereabouts you live on this wonderful planet of ours. I will be offering a 3 card tarot reading with 2 Goddess oracle cards or 2 Angel cards depending on your preference for only $20AU which is approx. only $15US dollars. You will get a detailed report emailed to you as well as photos from your reading. I can also change to reading to say 5 oracle cards or 5 Angel cards if you prefer them to tarot cards.

I also have quite a few different tarot decks so when you email me I will list them and add some photos for you to pick from? Apart from the classic “Rider/Waite deck” my 2nd favourite is the “Vampires of the Eternal Night deck” as I love their imagery because it’s so powerfully visceral. For romantic, sexual and relationship readings I recommend the “Sensual Wiccan Tarot” because it’s brilliant when reading for the above issues. I also offer the Celtic Cross Tarot reading for $45AU which isn’t much for those of you where the Australian dollar is lower than your currency. Reading will be done and sent back to your email inbox within 7 days after receiving your email and payment. One thing I will warn you about though is that the cards have never been wrong so be prepared to hear the truth about your life and or situation? I will also need your name, date of birth and whatever question/s you may have as well to ensure that your reading is done properly. Remember always thought the future is not set in stone and the a reading is meant to guide you in your future life and plans etc and to teach you a bit about your past and present also.

Any other work that I do for people I negotiate the price depending on the time needed to fulfil your magickal needs, as well as supplies like candles, incense, feathers, shells, crystals, amulets etc etc. I also often need to do my MAGICK on the beach nearby and take all of my supplies with me. This isn’t always easy but as a Sea Witch I feel so much more of a connection with the elements especially water of course. Depending on your magickal requirements it may just be a simple fairly quickly done spell but if it’s something really complicated? I may need to work on it regularly for 1-3 months or so.

People whom don’t practice Magick or mediumship have no idea how physically, psychologically and spiritually tiring it all is….and it really is. So please understand that if your asking for something major it can’t just be achieved in 5 minutes it takes dedication, time, ritual, invocation, evocation, ancestral, spiritual, basically Necromantic Magick. It’s taken me many years of study, learning and practice to be able to open a portal to the other side. It’s not easy to do for most but thankfully an experience with a woman’s spirit in our church graveyard at the tender age of only 10 guided me and she told me how to tap into the spirit realm and how to “invoke them within me” (mediumship). Sometimes after a long session of Necromantic invocation after the spirit leaves me my body is totally exhausted. Then I need to sleep for a long, long time and it takes me many days sometimes to recover. I’m not mentioning this to sound like a hero. Lol But to let you all know that I can’t take on too much of this kind of work at a time and it’s not because I don’t want to….but because I physically just can’t.
This is one small part of my ancestral altar and for my deceased partner of nearly 21 years ago now on the right. On the left are some of my paternal ancestors from the 19th century. The candles aren’t lit in this photo for various reasons at the time but they have some clear filtered “Full Moon Holy water” and some very expensive bourbon. Since this photo I’ve offered them tea and chocolates too. They seem to like it as my paternal Grandfather is coming through a lot lately. So believe me having an Ancestral Altar isn’t just for Samhain because after all shouldn’t we remember our ancestors and lost loves etc all year round? Yes is my answer whether your a Trad. Witch, Hedge Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Santeria or Shaman. It’s just a thoughtful, inspirational and magickal thing to do. Sometimes I like to meditate and then communicate with them always at night for me using either a pendulum, automatic writing or drawing if that happens or even…wait for it…the good old fashioned Ouija board. Just be cautious with your protection and make sure that no Nasty entities get through your portal.

“Forge your own path” ~ C. Lowe I created this meme after artfully editing a photo of the angel that I made nearly 20 years ago until my cherubs colours morphed into the background and expanded and grew bigger and brighter and this is the result!

Back to necromancy as I was explaining earlier that you can well imagine a magickal Necromantic working of this type is serious business. I choose whom I feel intuitively that me and my spirits will fit with along with the Magick that you want me to do? Once we are working together I need complete honesty and trust. Without those two qualities nothing at all can work. However once we have established those two things we can start planning, then I can start doing whatever magickal working that is needed together. Sometimes I may ask you to do certain small things like cleansings of yourself or home etc etc. Usually it’s nothing that you have to do but plenty of magickal work for me to do however. So if you want to know more or have some questions on what you want me to help you with? Or just maybe some guidance via a tarot reading (divination) etc. Please just send me an email at:
cazcat01@gmail.com Then together we can see where we go from there!!!

I just thought I’d share with you that even though it’s mid winter here in Australia I just heard a huge flock of seagulls squawking and flying over my house. It doesn’t get much better than that. But honestly just after I wrote that just now some Native Honey Eaters in my front garden are outside foraging and 2 magpies outside being bullies out the back mainly. Thankfully our bird dog (cocker spaniel) is inside asleep atm. I really need a camera for good nature shots as I’ve only got the one on my Smart Phone.

I’m feeling much gratitude, love and healing today and hope that whatever your doing that you are too!

Blessings to all,

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My name is Caroline or just Caz. This is my brief story about the magick I practice and why? It’s not easy to try and explain to others what you do and why? Sometimes it’s hard to explain to myself. LOL However the magick I practice has become second nature to me now, it’s my life! Also how I’ve survived many years of chronic pain without succumbing to its constant debilitating pressure with grace instead of hating my own body for it!

I’m a 53 year old female Australian of mainly Scottish ancestry. As well as some English, Irish and German-Jewish ancestry as well. I’m a Witch/Occultist of Crone age now, I’ve learnt so much in my life’s journey. I work with the Primal Dark Goddesses now as well as the Horned Gods, shamanistic power animals, elementals, Draconic powers, Angels, daemons (demons), my ancestors and occasionally willing disincarnate spirits too.

The writing written on the first photo was given to me by the great beyond, The Goddess I did become for a short time…I was her…and she was me. It was an incredibly soulful and personal experience. This is called “invocation” where a Godform which is some believe is an archetype which has been called upon since antiquity.

Invocation is a very different experience for most people. Sometimes I can maintain my own persona but it’s kind of like being a backseat driver in my own car. Whilst the Godform, Daemon, Angel or whatever sort of disincarnate spirit that your working with is; can often give you knowledge and words which you know are not your own. To others you may appear a bit strange or often a bit clammy and hot probably because your blood pressure is rising until your mortal body gets used to being a temporary vessel by whomever you’ve invoked. Who’s spirit may feel quite overpowering to you, especially at first.

Always be very respectful and careful and know whom your invoking very well before you do so. I could write far more about this and already have when I first invoked the Great Goddess Hekate. She was so incredibly powerful that I felt nauseous and almost collapsed to begin with but thankfully there was a chair to cushion my body at the time.


The photo below was taken inside the Adelaide Entertainment Centre before going inside the arena to see Robbie Williams Oct. 2015. A great night was had by all. However my point in mentioning this is that entertainers and what “musos” do is “weave real magic”.

Let’s face it big name artists enthrall us not only with their musical talent but with their larger than life personalities as well. We fall for this…..now this is true magic/k being woven amongst us either as a crowd or sitting at home alone listening to a CD….whilst the magick of their music speaks to us through our speakers.

I picked this name for a reason. The reason being that I’ve survived over 10 years of ill health, multiple chronic pain issues, two autoimmune disorders, mental health issues, multiple medical tests, procedures, a N.D.E. (Near death experience) and multiple operations etcetera that probably would’ve made most people give up. Including a couple of emergency flights to the city which have literally saved my life which I am eternally grateful for.

Magick – it’s because of studying shamanism, witchcraft, ancient cultures and the occult that made me realise that there was an answer for most of my ailments. It’s the “Spirit of the Plant, Cannabis” which is one of the main reasons that my life is no longer just existence but really living now! Combined with my years of study and practising “The Craft of the Wise” like they did hundreds of years ago without the aid of fancy products.

My point in mentioning all of this is not for sympathy points but for understanding of a huge health problem which is finally coming to the forefront of the News worldwide and even Australia wide now. That issue is legalization of “Medicinal Cannabis”! Chronic pain is the most untreated problem in the Western World. This is all unnecessary and some would say it’s because of “Big Pharmaceutical Companies” whom don’t want us to be able to use something natural like cannabis.

Why? Because Big Pharma has a huge interest in medicating our populations around the world especially in the West. There is a natural alternative and when used responsibly it provides those of Us whom suffer from chronic pain a chance to truly live instead of just existing! Cannabis has given me the power to live well rather than just surviving from day to day Yet our laws here make me a criminal. Which really is such a big laugh to anyone whom knows me as I’ve been a law abiding citizen all my life.

It’s finally been passed in Victorian Parliament that medicinal cannabis is now legal in Victoria. Hurray!!! Now we’ve got to wait for the rest of Australia to catch up.

Its also getting close in Queensland now too. Yet we are one country and its ridiculous that all states here have different views on this very important public health issue. I like so many others suffered needlessly all because our politicians were and some still are so behind on the medical evidence that cannabis works not only on pain but so many multiple medical conditions.

More research is needed and less policing of cannabis. Once it’s decriminalized and medicinal cannabis is freely available to patients on prescriptions. Then this will put so many criminals out of business. As well as saving our youth from being led on to using heavier life threatening drugs from ICE to heroin.

Truly I can tell you that without the help of a certain entheogen “cannabis”, I wouldn’t have been able to attend either concert as the drive home is 2 hours in the car each way which is hard on even a healthy person let alone someone with all my chronic pain and autoimmune illnesses.

Obviously my husband was driving our car that day. Responsible use of cannabis is essential at all times. You don’t drive obviously and you don’t operate heavy machinery. You also shouldn’t make major legal decisions or sign any contracts until any effects of cannabis has worn off.

After such a huge event, I usually suffer for a couple of days and sometimes even a week after  a big event with exhaustion. However it’s more than worth it to me otherwise I would spend my life in bed, and that’s not living.

If not for my study and practice into all things occult and more, I may not have survived all that I’ve endured. Of course I’ve always had the loving support of my family and close friends but let’s face it chronic illness is not “sexy”. By that I mean that it’s incredibly isolating because you can’t share your pain experience with another person no matter how close they may be. Nor can anybody even with the best of wishes take it away from you either because in the end “you need to deal with your pain yourself”. Chronic pain also takes its toll on your mental health as well. Now that’s a topic for a whole new blog. LOL

When you analyse it we all fulfil so many multiple roles. For me it’s Lover, Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Confidant, Nocturnal, Witch, Occultist, Bibliophile, Writer, Counsellor, Artist, Piano player, Bohemian, Creatrix and so much more. There isn’t a category to put me in and nor should there be at my age, or any age for that matter!

I also have another blog called:

Which I need to edit and rewrite and post some relevant information on here too. Stay tuned as I will be sharing my N.D.E. (Near death experience) on this blog after I’ve had plenty of time to process the whole experience and understand that it was more sci fi and quantum physics than any kind of religious experience. What I wrote to a friend after my N.D.E. experience barely covered it. I realise that now since time has a way of sometimes making sense of the complete sensory and psychological overload which was my N.D.E. Nothing in my life prepared me for it. But already this blog is far too long. I will revisit this topic though.

The pictures below were taken of my altar last year after doing a very special necromantic healing.2015-01-03-21-44-18-078-1My most recent blog (apart from this one) is about the late great David Bowie, the occult, his music and how it changed my life. As well as the way my body perceives chronic pain.

Photo below was for Goddess Hekate in her Triformis form or Soteria (World Soul). Hekate has been known since ancient times as the Goddess of Midwives amongst so many other multiple qualities. This was a thank you to Hekate for delivering my newest grand-daughter safely.  I thank Thee for the new Soul that burns so brightly in our family now.

I should’ve mentioned by now that I’m blessed to be live with, and be married to my soulmate my dear husband. We have 2 beautiful adult children and 4 of the cutest grandchildren ever. As well as our “fur child” a golden English Cocker Spaniel whom is nearly 12 years old now.

We live in rural Coastal Australia on the cliffs above the ocean which is nearly 2 hours drive away from the city. This photo of me is taken just over the road from our house.

img_0005I find it hard to describe what I am magickally and exactly what it is that I do. Why? Because it’s a mixture of everything from shamanism to trancework, to hedge witchery to ceremonial magick, to Tibetan Buddhist practices (trained for 3 years) to sigils and sex magick, from Eclectic Traditional Witchcraft to General Occultism, Spiritualism, Gnostism, Sorcery and so much more ad infinitum with a goth overtone in most of my magickal workings.

I also do divination for others either using my own spirits, power animals, daemons, angels and/or my ancestors either using Tarot Cards of which I now have 7 decks, Oracle cards 2 decks, Angel cards 1 deck, Black Mirror Spirit divination, mirrors, crystals, my Ouija board and my necromantic skull. Necromantic magickal pathworkings and divination are a very serious path indeed. They are to be treated with the utmost respect at all times and not to be used lightly.

The 1st photo below is a necromantic working invoking the Goddess Hekate in her Crone phase. Using my skull (……. ) yes she does have a name, using runes, citrine chips,crystals, ointments, oils and shells with the middle red candle for focus.

The 2nd photo below is of the Sensual Wiccan Tarot deck which is great for relationship or any kinds of sexual problems that a couple may have. I find that most women are naturally drawn to this deck when given a choice….me thinks this fact very interesting indeed.

The 3rd photo below was a healing for a broken heart/health wise. With the help of the Fae, Draconic energies as well as one of my closest ancestors. Her favourite jewellery, shells and crystals etc are in one of her own old China she’ll dish on the left. My maternal Grandmother is always there when I need serious help.

So all of what I’ve described above and more is why I felt that I needed timeout from constant communication online. It’s also why I cancelled my own Facebook account which younger people especially think is weird. However maybe Im just a bit old fashioned. I prefer emails to Facebook because their far more personal and more like a letter. Only difference being is its not handwritten and you can receive is straight away.

I haven’t been as involved online until recently So that I could create and make magick really happen in my own life, for my family and those close and very dear to me. It worked but to do this I mostly needed extended periods of intense meditation, trance work, evocation, invocation and divination.

For my magick to really work, periods of intense introspection otherwise known as “shadow work”.Which can be traumatic and intensely visceral at times but its worth it to come out of the other side.

I often find it hard to describe what I am, what I do and why? Because to be honest it’s a mixture of everything from shamanism to trancework, to hedge witchery to ceremonial magick at times. Paganism to Tibetan Buddhist practices (trained for 3 years) to sigils. Eclectic Traditional Witchcraft to General Occultism and Spiritualism.

I will write more about past life memoiries and “de Ja vu” in another blog post. I am a conglomeration of all my studies, experiences, practices along with the people whom have inspired me too.

Blessings to you all,
CazWytch )O( ⭐️💖🌙


I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU *DAVID BOWIE*~RIP THANKYOU FOR BEING YOU! I’ve adored David Bowie my entire life. I bought my first Bowie album way back when I was only just 14 back in 1977. It was just after his immensely successful album “Diamond Dogs”. How I played that album over and over at full blast much to my Father’s lifelong hatred of all modern music as he believes that only classical music is real music.

The loss of David Bowie has and still is affecting so many different people all over the world. Especially our Western culture as we don’t tend to grieve properly do we. We tend to think that we have to get on with life in a month within losing somebody or people may think we’re suffering from depression or something. So when somebody as famous as David Bowie dies the world seems to mourn. Especially those of us whom are of a similar age or midlife it’s a big wake up call to ourselves that our mortality is running out. We’re all mortal and this life is really so transient yet so special to us all. So from a psychospiritual point of view we are also mourning our lost youth as well.

Let’s face it aging isn’t for the timid or the faint of heart. Why? Because as we age our body is slowly dying. Most people will suffer from age related illnesses that are often painful until the day they die. I’ve seen it on other’s so any times and now it’s starting to happen slowly like an ever creeping vine to me. Look at poor Bowie he had a massive heart attack and that’s when he would have felt that his time was running out. It often isn’t until we personally have a wake up call like an awful diagnosis and/or prognosis or a N.D.E. (Near death experience) that we realise we (the we that our ego projects to the world) will no longer exist one day in the future because death is the ego’s worst fear – annihilation. However death comes for us all whether we are poor or rich and famous.  In the end the Angel of Death comes for us all.

I’m still grieving so terribly for David Bowie so much myself. So much that I actually burn a consecrated white candle for him every night along side a beautiful black and white picture facial portrait of him taken in the previous 2 years. I’m lucky that it’s autographed too! He still looked so cool and sexy when this photo was taken. Looking at it you would never have guessed that he was getting closer to his transition from this mortal realm where his soul was released from his body from this earthly existence to the other side of the veil.

I’m actually going to redo a part of one of my altars. As I need more space to create a “Memento Mori” type altar space just for Bowie. Perhaps using some of my other Bowie memorabilia as well as candles, maybe a few crystals and some old original album covers too.

Also perhaps one of our many Pagan God’s that I feel represents him. To me I feel the mischiefious PAN suits him to me. As when I think of PAN I think of forests, music (playing his pan pipes of course), fun, parties, enjoying his sexuality, lust, sex appeal, joking around, wine, freedom and being so irrestible to women & men as well in his much younger years, talented and most of all love.

As well as truly enjoying life to its fullest which Bowie truly did because he was a true chameleon who lived the whole rock & roll lifestyle when he was younger. Thankfully he survived the whole thing as tragically many others did not. Even after his dreadful addiction to Cocaine which often took his mind to the very edge of actual sanity; I’ve heard him in interviews where he says himself that “I can’t remember a lot of that time but that it was truly bad and I knew that I had to change or face insanity or death”. Anyway I don’t want to write more about that. If you want to know more just Google it and you will find vast amounts of information and YouTube videos.

Then years later he eventually settled down with the love of his life “Iman” and then of course his daughter was born and it was “love at first sight”. The photos I’ve seen that were taken of them together at home not long after her birth are truly beautiful and so touching. As well as his love of his firstborn son whom was originally named “Zowie” whom has grown into a successful man on his own and now has his own lovely family.

For my “Bowie Shrine” as my husband is now starting to call it. LOL I will have flowers and some usual offerings for the dead. Sometimes things like a bit of food like some chocolate etc & drinks that they liked in life. As well as always a glass of water. Why? As some occult pathways from shamans, Palo, Santeria and Traditional Witchcraft & Streghas say that the disincarnate spirits get thirsty too and that sometimes they are truly attracted to the things that they loved in life. I believe and know this to be true. As after all death is our transition to another existence that science does not have the knowledge yet to understand but one day they will.

Some may think that I should put out a cigarette for him and blow it towards his picture as they do in African Traditional Religions like Palo Myombe, some Indian Shamanic traditions and Voodoo/Hoodoo as in New Orleans. As Bowie used to smoke them all the time for most of his life and even though he looked so cool smoking in all his photos, in the end it’s not cool, because cigarettes kill far more people than alcohol or drug addiction combined. So somehow that feels wrong to me to put out a cigarette out for him. Why? Because in the end they caused his early demise and he’d given up for years to avoid dying young. Many people believe that he would still be here and would’ve lived to a far greater age if not for cigarettes and it’s true. End of lecture as I’ve battled the “coffin nails” myself and their not easy to give up and sometimes I still feel like one. Nicotine addiction is evil!

Believe it or not smoking cannabis does you less harm physically but for some mentally it’s a problem especially if your under 25 because your brain is still developing. I’ve written about cannabis before because I need to use it occasionally for my chronic pain. I only need to use it very sparingly now only when I’m home usually and only when none of my other medications work. I always use them first because as an asthmatic I really don’t like smoking it as it can sometimes make me cough so much that it can trigger an asthma attack. A friend suggested  using a vape? But I don’t want to buy one especially as I’m only using it maybe once a fortnight or even once a month. Last year I even went for just over 2 months. I don’t need it as much because I’m taking Lyrica now which is actually developed for Parkinsons Disease. But after many years of research they found that it actually helps some chronic pain patients but not all. They don’t exactly know why? It’s probably just that we all have individual biochemistry and genetics.

Also thanks to my love of all Bowie’s music I often put on one of his albums and sit or lie down. Then I just get into his music so much that I chill out so much just as if I’d had some cannabis but I haven’t. My mind goes down into the Theta state quite often when I listen to Bowie. So I just chill out so much as I really get into the lyrics, the melody, the beat, as well as listening to the individual musical instruments and of course David Bowie’s wonderful voice. To the point where my brain is so distracted by his music that my brain is no longer registering as much pain. This is because the neurotransmitters in my mind are so busy listening to his music that my body automatically relaxes. As well as the fact that I love his music so much that my mind chills out on its own without drugs. As well as the medical fact that when something makes a person feel happy their brain releases lots of endorphins. Sometimes certain Bowie music almost puts me into a trance it’s like being in another world. So it’s true music really does heal as well as bringing backmemories with quite good success

However his music has and is truly like the soundtrack of my entire life thus far. Every album he released always seemed to resonate with whatever was happening in my life at the time starting from 1977. Then I went and bought his earlier albums too and have been buying them ever since. Every single song, look and movie he ever did I felt was that his music was especially just for us even though it was truly his own.
His knowledge of the Occult from a young age is very interesting too. Like he sings on “Quicksand” from his brilliant album Hunky Dory where he sings of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. Then later on his song Station to Station on his album of the same name where he sings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life when he sings “from Kether to Malkuth” and so much more. It’s not surprising  that Bowie got into the Occult with Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page and some notable others like The Beatles especially George Harrison so they say. Jimmy Page was so into the occult that he bought Aleister Crowley’s “Boleskine House” on Loch Ness in Scotland. Legend has it that Mick Jagger got so frightened of something occult inspired that he burnt all of his books. However Bowie having such an enquiring and open mind did no such thing. What he actually did or did not occult wise will be the subject of many intense debates to come. It was David Bowie whom inspired me to think of other things that had been previously hidden as well as a spiritual friend at that time. Thus began my study into the world of the “Occult & Witchcraft” and so many other pathways starting with Tibetan Buddhism in the 90s.

Then BLACKSTAR which is his true “MAGNUM OPUS” to us all. It was David Bowie whom inspired me to think of other things that had been previously hidden to us all so many years before. The occult imagery and hidden messages especially in his lyrics and videos of “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” are so incredibly brilliant! They’ve been analyzed by many thus far and will be interpreted for many years to come. But you know really it was truly David Bowie’s last loving gift to us all because he knew that he had to leave us.

Only BOWIE could have achieved all of this whilst he was dying. He was apparently so full of ideas that he even talked of doing another album but sadly his time ran out!

However it seems that Bowie knew that another existence was waiting for him and that he was running out of time. Some say that he knew that he had to leave us at the age of only 69. Far too young for such a man that was not only brilliant and so full of life and also married to the true “love of his life” along with his beautiful young daughter and his wonderful adult son & family too.


I will always remember you & the gifts that you gave to the world. Your voice, music and albums are the true soundtrack of my life both material and spiritual ~ Thank you.

Love CazWytch. 💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️ xoxoxoxox

Nocturnal life, why, The Wounded Healer & truly being Authentic.

I’ve been up all the night wanting to finish writing this however I really should’ve been sleeping. But at times I’m like a dog with a bone or should I say a wolf. Lol As sometimes I just don’t know when to finish but I am now. I’m currently suffering from some chronic pain ATM but I always find that writing, sketching, photography,practising or reading about all kinds of Magick etc always distracts my mind from my pain. It’s amazing how powerful the brain can truly be at times. If I go really desperate with my pain I always have the wonderful healing “plant familiar” on standby if I really need to use it. Which I’ve written about quite extensively in my 2nd blog post last month entitled: “Entheogens, Consciousness and Chronic Pain”. I’ve done this all so many times before that it’s sometimes part of my regular lifestyle now but not always because sometimes there are some occasions where I have no choice but to leave my coffin…er I mean bed..lol..of course..occasionally even in the early in the morning. Gee do I truly hate that…..apart from beautiful sunrises which I do see at times. I love watching sunrises and sunsets especially from our home on the cliffs, on the beach and very occasionally even from our old lonely old local cemetery.

Our local cemetery is very old by Australian standards and is usually always deserted at any given time. Which I think is very sad for the people whom have been buried there, especially when I know that most of those early settlers buried there whom built there farms the hard way, whom now have 2-3 sometimes even 4 generations living in our town and/or living and working on the surrounding farms. If not for their ancestors doing all the hard work in early South Australia’s history none of them would have inherited a valuable farm which they all take for granted. Anyway there have been quite a few of them restless undead/spirits or muertos, ghosts or however “you like to refer to them”? That alI’ve had to deal with them personally which can be very tiring and sometimes even dangerous, dealing with those that have died in very tragic circumstances etc. However that’s another long story for yet another blog post perhaps next time? Please let me know either via comments below and/or email me and give me some of your questions and/or ideas? Especially as this one here on WordPress is quite new for me. I’m still trying to work out many things on here, even just the menu etc. I still have for more to learn on WordPress that’s for sure!

Anyway living like a “night own and sometimes being up all night is great. But I realise the for many if not most, couldn’t and shouldn’t live this lifestyle as it would interfere with their work and/or family life and friends etc? However for me sometimes when I am watching the sunrise, it’s like a “cue for me to go to bed”. Lol I guess I’m a bit lucky when I really think about it because I am able to live this way when I really want to and I really don’t care what other’s think about it? However I’m quite sure that most people have far more to think about than me being a night owl or whatever, right? Right is what I thought too…until I talked to this lady in a shop here recently.

I’m telling you all here the truth of course others what is the point of having a blog right! “This is whom I truly am” and I get really sick of hiding it from many others. All my family know the truth of course and most of my friends do now too. Its only been about close to 3 years since I finally came “out of the broom closet”! Not only about being a Witch, as all my family and closest friend’s knew that I was/am a Witch & Occultist already. Mainly because I read tarot, runes & all types of divination & spirit work too. I find it more of a “stigma” would you believe is people finding out the late and/or early night hours that I keep! However I’ve been able to do so for a long time specially as I used to be hyperactive since I was a child. However now because of chronic pain etc. it’s not so easy to pull off these days as you could well imagine because my body can’t take all the pain, as well as my body aging etc. So Im not as totally nocturnal compared to when I was younger. Lol Note: As an “ex-actress mainly stage work” in the 80s? I’ve always gotten away with hiding nearly everything from nearly everyone that I didn’t want to know. For instance after I come home from an early morning appointment or some social engagement etc. I then totally collapse and just flop into bed and fall into a very, very deep sleep. Then I sleep from say 6.30am until maybe 12-2pm and occasionally even 3pm usually, depending on how late and/or early I’ve gotten to sleep the night before? Lol If I’ve been ill and/or in chronic pain, obviously a go to sleep earlier.

There are so many labels/names that I’ve heard from acquaintances, as well as some friend’s whom are not part of my inner circle, are the funniest. The most “off labels” are from acquaintance of course, such as; she’s a night owl, a Bat, Elder Witch, Older Witch, Vampire, Shapeshifter, Crone, Luciferian, Satanist, lol, Hedge Witch, Eclectic Witch, Chaos Mage, Crazy Witch, Goddess worshipper, Moon Lover, Night Witch, a member of a Cult, a Ceremonial Witch, Follows the Seasons, Just like “Wicca Man”, Gypsy, Pagan, Tree Hugger, Goth, Gothic woman, Night woman, Loves Black, Night Owl and my particular favourite is the story that I heard from a local lady in one of our local shops recently. Here it is below and again I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So I led her on and she just kept on talking about it. Little did she know? But perhaps she did in the end? See what you think?

Here is what she said to me and I am quoted her/our conversation word for word because Im sure that most of you will get some amusement from it all? But it also may annoy you, as it did to me at the time at first, that there is still so much ignorance out there even though it’s now 2015. Any way this is our conversation in our local cheapstore & Bric a’ Back shop. This little known lady to me (not even a well known acquaintance)comes over to me and after saying “hello” to me initially, she then turns right to me and starts off with:; “Have you heard about the Lady on the cliffs”?…”No”..I relied…Then she chats on; “There is this lady who apparently dresses in a black cape with a large hood, she always carries a medium sized wicker basket with all kinds of weird stuff in it. She also carries an old style lamp in her other hand and she’s usually accompanied by a medium sized tannish dog. She usually walks along the cliffs path until she finds a hidden spot. She always walks between the town and always stops before the holiday homes area. Sometimes she also goes onto the actual beach. Wherever she stops she does all kinds of weird stuff”. “Like what”?I relied as I had decided to lead her on and find out what other’s had been staying about me? I’m amazed that anyone had ever seen me? As I don’t ever go out dressed like that unless it’s just before midnight and with the cemetery…I always check it first. Then when I know that nobody is there. I then go back to my car and get out my Witchy Wicca basket etc. with basic magickal supplies and anything that I need for my particular Magick at the time!

Then the older lady replies to me; “Well she sometimes has 2-4 small lanterns and sometimes she lights candles of all kinds which she sticks in the sand! Nobody knows how she uses her candles on the cliffs though? She always uses incense and often sticks them in the sand. She has all sorts of other weird stuff, some say she even how a skull. Then she gets out a sword of some kind, and goodness knows why she uses it? As it could obviously be quite dangerous. She apparently uses it for pointing out to the sea and all kinds of weird stuff all around above her, all around her into the air and sometimes especially on the beach she draws stuff into the ground. I’ve heard she’s got a stick that might be some kind of magic wand? She always always has her dog with her most times anyone has seen her. She is very secretive and nobody know her. Haven’t you heard about her yet”? “No I replied but do tell me more as it sounds like a really interesting story that I could tell my friend’s about too”? I said all this to her whilst I was desperately trying to keep a straight face as you can well imagine. Lol “Some say she might be a Satanist even and releases demons from hell. But I don’t think that because others say she is a Witch and she’s casting spells over or for people? Some say she’s could be a Gypsy, others say she might even be a vampire. Lol But I don’t believe that myself”, said this dear lady in her early 70s. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard? Then this lady added, “Watch out for her as apparently she always uses her sword especially when you can see the moon. She’s very secretive and some say she lives alone in a whack….(wait for it)..,”and she’s got heaps of pets from dogs and cats to snakes. She only ever comes out at night and not many have ever seen her. But those who have, say she always is covered in a large black hooded Cape and sometimes she has a man with her and other times she may have a woman”. Lol ROFLAMO I said to this lady “thanks so much for telling me and I I’ll keep an eye out for her. “But you know she is probably practising healing and helpful Magick to help others and I’m sure she doesn’t cause anybody any harm” I said to her. Then I said; “Sorry I must go now but it’s been magickal talking to you”. Then as I was leaving the little shop I saw almost a lightbulb go off above her head. Lol As she looked at some of my purchases as I was outing them away. Along with some mundane items I had just purchased some large white church candles, a few little coloured candle3, 3 boxes of Dragons blood incense and some craft coloured feathers and two beautiful strong essential oils. I felt her gaze almost burning behind me as I was leaving the shop. My intuition told me obviously that she knew that I was in fact the person whom she had been talking about. Me, known in our small touristy town as; “The Lady of the Cliffs”. Lol Thankfully the lady I was talking to is only an acquaintance, she doesn’t know my full name or whereabouts I live. Not that I am worried about it. I almost felt flattered in a funny way to tell the truth. Lol As Ive only confided to 3 other couples what I practice and why etc.

It just made me realise that there is still so much disinformation out there about what we do and are as Witches especially as where I live there are five churches which is a lot for our small population. However it made me glad because now I’m aware of what other’s know and also that this lady knew whom I really was as I was leaving the shop. As I was getting into my car I waved to her and gave her a “knowing smile”. I have no doubt that this recent encounter may now morph into another but of gossip in our town. In a way I almost felt flattered, “the Lady of the Cliffs”. Lol Or whatever new label people choose to use to describe me?

You see I don’t only suffer from quite a few incurable chronic pain syndromes/injuries mostly caused by injuries from my career working with “young offenders and adolescents at risk”…but I also have Bipolar disorder. It hasn’t been easy to take my own “inner daemons or demons” to do by any means but along with other issues that I’ve had to endure in my lifetime, I use my spirituality in so many positive ways to both heal my inner and outer body and you know my Magick never lets me down!

However like “Stephen Fry” the infamous “actor, writer and academic”, I’ve learnt to go with the flow like Mr. Fry does, As I find that taking any medication for Bipolar disorder always seems to take away my inborn creativity and my inner muse away. That’s why I mostly don’t take these medications hardly ever at all unless I literally can’t sleep at all for 2-3 days. Lol But I’ve always been a night person and I enjoy being nocturnal and at my age I really can’t see myself changing much at all.

I always seem to find that the early hours of the morning/night as in 12am to 3am are the best time for me to do any really serious magickal rituals, spellcrafting, divination, necromancy etcera etc. Why? Because there isn’t so much crazy full on psychic frenetic frenzic interference in the atmosphere or the astral plane etc. The reason it’s so much easier to achieve my magickal goals at this time rather than during the day is because most people are asleep. Compared to during the day where most people are up busy, working, communicating etc etc, just getting on with their own day. It almost feels to me, to use an analogy “like constant static interference through every plane from the astral to our earth plane” non stop all day and every day. Yep I realise that I’m a bit quirky but I feel that to be true to myself I need to be able to live, love, practice Magick and write about the truth that actually is in my life both spiritual and mundane. So if you’ve just joined my blog? Welcome to the ride;)

During the night I adore the feeling of the darkness almost enveloping me like the finest black crushed velvet. It not only calms me but it literally soothes my soul. I’ve always been a night owl and my Mother has told me that I used to get up at night quietly playing with my toys during the night. Then I would quickly jump back into bed so that my parents would think that I had been asleep all night. Ha Ha They were very wrong. However what I find fascinating is that so many years went by long long before I ever started to really contemplate my spirituality.

Yet one universal truth that to me is part of my own Gnosis is that I always felt protected by “the powers that be” at night. Of course when I was young I was brought up to believe in Christianity and the church. However it didn’t take me long to start delving into other religions especially Tibetan Buddhism which I very nearly converted to. However even after nearly three years of studying, chanting, meditating and learning as much as I could about Buddhism it wasn’t meant for me. However when I look back I realise that the now late Lama Khensher Rinpoche was correct when he said to me after looking deep into my eyes,, “Ah I see that you still believe in a Creator God or being of some kind”?

I thought about it really hard and didn’t even want to confess the truth to myself. I felt like such a failure. Yet this very learned dear old Lama could see that I wasn’t meant to convert to Buddhism. He said that my path to divine consciousness lay else where. After I really analysed my own deep seated core beliefs I realised that he was right. It was really hard for me to start alone yet again on another new spiritual quest. However I now have the wisdom of hindsight and know that I needed to learn all I did from Buddhism. Even though in the end it was not meant for me.

Again I keep coming back to being nocturnal. When I was quite young and my Dad used to let me stay up on Friday nights to watch the old    Hammer Horror flicks. Of course my favourite movies were always any movie that had a vampire or vampires in it. I was captivated by Christopher Lee playing Dracula. As well as the classic Camilla. I also love the gothic horror film “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe. Little did I know when I was so young that all of these movies along with the archetypes they represent would have such a huge influence on my entire life.

A beautifully dressed Victorian Goth lounging around in a lovely looking park.

They have is so many ways. As a child I used to long for some vampire somewhere to come into my room and turn me into an immortal creature of the night. But alas that was not meant to be. However one thing that watching all those classic movies has taught me, as well as reading the books later, is that our souls are truly immortal. Deep down every human would like to live a healthy prosperous life forever…..if only the could. No wonder the stories of vampires are still so popular today.

It certainly makes sense to me and this is why I see myself as a dark Witch. The dark Goddesses have always appealed to my psyche and it seems that I appeal to them too. They are all so incredibly powerful, beautiful and just fill me with so much awe and they probably always will. Not because I am evil, lol, but because I practice most of my magick and rituals at night. Anyone who really knows me would laugh their heads off at the idea of me being malevolent. As I’m the one whom has “rescued so many lost souls” over the years until they are ready to go it alone. Only if one has truly suffered themselves at the hands of another can one truly empathise and heal without pitying the victim. As all as that does is disempower them to get all the strength they need to make themselves whole again.

My three faced and bodied Hecate or Hekate Triformis Goddess Statue is one of my own Witchy/Occult pride and joys. I’ve wants her forever and here sh is below:


This is the true path who’s Archetype is “The Wounded Healer”. I have a Witchy friend whom is exactly the same and is in one of the caring professions too of course. Just like I used to be before my life was turned around by so much turmoil and ill health. After years of practice and learning I’ve finally found what’s right for me. It may not be for you but “Vive la difference’is what makes the world so magickally fascinating wouldn’t you agree!

However to anyone else who feels the pull of the night? There is nothing wrong with you and it’s all part of whom you truly are. It’s not until we really value ourselves for our own differences rather than our similarities to others that we can really appreciate whom we really are. That’s when we can truly embrace and love ourselves and our differences. As well as our similarities to our “non magickal” fellow human beings.

I love this picture below and find it very empowering as a woman who loves the Occult and also the night along with Goth fashions too.     
To all of you women reading this “you are truly a beautiful sacred Goddess” and to all male Witches, Mages or Occultists you are the embodiment of the incredibly “strong and virile Horned God”. Together we have duality, dark and light and polarity. That is one of the true paradoxes that most people aren’t even aware exists not only within ourselves but also the beautiful world that surrounds us. As well as the sacred beauty and gnosis that is within our individual immortal souls. We are all here for our soul’s development to live out our purpose, learn our lessons and hopefully fulfill whatever it is that we incarnated here for to learn. Many Blessings to you all,                                                                               Love CazWytch. xo

Yours truly below done with my new editing photo app used on my photo below and it also helps me feel like a true Goddess too:) All women and men should celebrate who they are and “share the love” like the Flower Power Generation used to say back in the 1960s. Have a great week everyone.

Copyright: C. Lowe 2015