My altar as an Empathic Eclectic Necromantic Jungian Chaos SeaWitch is very simple one at the moment. My athame (Scottish sword), 2 wands one for healing with crystals and copper, the other with natural elements from wood, feather to crystals. Celtic Style Book of Shadows with a little lock upon it. I think it’s so cute but as locks go…anybody could open it. Lol

The elements are always with us all. I especially have my seawater in my jar with the pentagram that is my “holy water” from the Southern Ocean. Which is one/if not one of the clearest oceans in the world as from here it’s straight to Antarctica from South Australia. That’s why the water here feels so empowered it’s one of the best kept secrets for those of us in the know. Along with certain caves out in the Australian outback there are secrets/gnosis from the Indignious People of Australia that is the longest “living culture” alive on earth. Some say around 60,000 years and some say more.

Anyway tonight for me is all about remembering our sacred elements. It’s one of the first things that Witches ever learn: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. But here in Australia as everything seems back to front in a “Northern Hemisphere” “centricworld”. Why do you think we are called “The Land Down Under” by the infamous Australian band “Men at Work” that truly put Australia on the map after performing at the Sydney Olympics back in the year 2000. Seems just like only yesterday to me, lol, but it’s 16 years ago now.

All our Sabbats and equinoxes are the exact opposite to those of you in the N.H. Whilst you’ve been celebrating Beltaine we celebrate Samhain and so on.


We have recently had the winter Equinox & Yule whilst you all had the Summer Equinox. It sometimes seems like our world is at loggerheads and to a degree it is weather wise. To the north you have earth as that’s right for the N.H. Weather, winds, earth etc. whereas North here “down under” means a hot north wind, a heatwave where we get blistering temperatures sometime for weeks between 39C which is 102.2F and 46C is nearly 115F. Now perhaps you can see why us Aussies hate a North Wind. It often reminds us of heatwaves, bushfires, fun times at the Beach but we got sunburnt as kids as our patents didn’t know any better, barbecues, airconditioning bills that go through the so much more. It’s not a land for the faint hearted and that’s why most of Australia in the Centre is empty apart from Alice Springs, Uluru, Roxby Downs and other mining towns that are fighting to survive with the economic downturn in minerals.

So with all this incredibly powerful heat it’s obvious that Fire is our true North here in the Southern Hemisphere just the same as we see your moon back to front ~ truly we do.
Sadly most of the Witchcraft books are nearly all Southern Hemisphere Centric but sme have been written by wonderful Witches such as: Frances Billinghurst etcetera etc that put our land down under into perspective.


You see the problem is since I was a child watching B&W TV back in the 1960s and then we got colour in the late 1970s we always saw American movies portraying a perfect “white Xmas”. Yeah right that never happens for Aussie kids unless their parents take them overseas. Most Xmas preparations for us Aussies have the enduring fear “will Xmas be too hot” and will whomever is cooking it end up in the hospital because of heat exhaustion. Don’t laugh it happens a lot regularly because we are trying to mimick the Northern Hemisphere with heavy winter food and in the end it makes us all feel sick eating hot turkey, veg, pork, ham, puddings, brandy sauce etc. Xmas tradition for many Aussies is that everyone is so exhausted that when the young kids have a sleep so does everyone else. I remember sometimes my Dad not being to wake up because he was so exhausted. Driving seeing all the rellies “relatives”, long drives back and forth with my brother and I in the back of the car usually feeling overtired and cranky.

Don’t get me wrong we enjoyed Xmas as young kids a lot. However now that I’m older myself I remember both my grandmother’s slaving over hot stoves, sweating, looking pale and nauseous their blood pressure going up etc. They weren’t having fun! They were unpaid slaves back thus that’s the way it was.


However thankfully as time went by and people finally started to realise that all of this hot winter food was only making us Aussies sick, hot, fat and tired of it all. Then began the era of the cold Xmas dinners and seafood platters. There’s nothing better than a large platter of South Australian King Prawns nothing better than this followed by a cold beer no master what beer you choose…it has to be Ivey cold!!! Barbecues outside no matter what they were? They were always delicious and the salads were so creative they were to die for. Then often pavlova for dessert.


So better than hot pudding that’s why we do “Xmas in July” here now. To try and recreate the Northern Hemispheres yummy winter food when it’s meant to be eaten in winter! Lol Sometimes us Aussies have Xmas picnic down on the actual beach. Playing beach cricket between courses whilst drinking at the same time. LOL It’s taken us in the Southern Hemisphere a long time to wake up to the fact that hot filling winter meals aren’t the smartest thing to be cooking and eating when Xmas is summer for us and nine times out of ten it’s usually a day of extreme temperatures.

Occasionally we get a “cool Xmas” and everyone loves that because that’s the best time for those who want a traditional turkey and pudding winter feast to actually enjoy it, instead of enduring all the cooking making the house hot and unbearable. Mostly for the cook but eventually the entire house feels like a furnace. I remember enduring hot Xmas dinners as a child with no airconditioning. But after we had eaten at my Pop’s Beachshack, we swam and cooled down and had so much fun cooling down in the ocean.



The whole point being that our seasons and elements are the opposite here in Australia. So our elements are North-Fire, East-water, South -Earth, West – Air and of course the alchemical Fifth element is Spirit no matter what Hemisphere we all live in!

Anyway I wrote this blog mainly for my Northern Hemisphere readers to give them or/you an idea of what it’s like to celebrate Xmas in the Southern Hemisphere like here in Australia. Where it’s usually hot, sticky and humid depending on your location and the weather forecast. Every .year my family and I always hope for a cool Xmas Day and when it is! We are all really happy to know that we don’t have to put up with extremely hot weather.

Here’s hoping that we (us Aussies) have a cool Xmas day to look forward to in 2016…..Cheers!!!🍾🍻🍷🍸🍹

Copyright: C. Lowe (CazWytch) 11/07/2016






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