Is this really me? Or is it just the me I project out into the world? We all have our various “persona”s. We have one for work, acquaintances, associates, on social media, casual friends, close friend’s, lover’s and partner’s etc.

Then we have our true persona which we only reveal to our closest family and friends. Depending on how much we trust them and value them as a confidant. Why is this? Because deep down most of us are not confident enough to reveal whom we truly are for fear of what that other person may do with all that information that we have reveled which may be so close to our heart.

How about hugging your beloved dog, cat or whichever pet you have. Try going out into your garden or to a park. How about going to a forest or to the beach to balance your chakras out in nature? These ideas and far more is what life is really about. But more about that later on.

Our dear old “fur baby Max” whom is almost 15 years old which is quite old for a cocker spaniel that’s for sure. Just watching him and cuddling him is so authentic bringing all the warmness and fuzzy’ that being close to a beloved animal brings.


The problem is that we fear other’s negative judgements of either our personal history etc. As well as all our individual quirks and the things that we truly that make us whom we truly are within. We usually never reveal this to other’s unless there is an enormous amount of trust because we never know when some confidant may break our trust.

Haven’t you ever thought it incredibly sad the way people always love gossip? Especially when it’s negative and nasty! Especially when it’s about someone they know that’s very revealing and scandalous. This is when those whom are unscrupulous and devoid of a moral compass go on to use that piece of gossip. To bring down the very person whom they once called a close friend, work mate or partner.

Whether it be for a promotion, to break up a relationship or to basically get some material gain from their friend’s secret. Or to make them lose face, or their job or even their marriage. Is it any wonder that we live in such a false narcissistic materialistic, celebrity obsessed and greedy society.

We live in an era where a piece of information which once may have been just shared between a couple of friends can now end up on social media like Facebook. It could even end up on the front page of the News depending on how scandalous and deliciously newsworthy it is!

Thus destroying the betrayed person’s sense of self, their self esteem, their job, their relationship and sometimes their entire life. The persona that they once presented to the the world will never be the same again. Whether it is between friends or in the workplace, socially in person and/or on social media or basically anywhere at all.

A beach on the other side from us where the old jetty was literally blown away by strong wind gusts and storms. It was still quite cold down there recently on the Y.P.


People often ask me “why aren’t you on Facebook”? Then their thinking to themselves; “everybody else is on FB, how come she’s not? Has she got something to hide”? Which is what their “inner dialogue” is saying within their societally conditioned minds, whilst they are looking at me awaiting my answer”. Sorry to disappoint anyone out there but I’ve got nothing titillating that will put me on the News. I just choose to live my life privately amongst those whom know and love me that’s all.

However I do enjoy blogging and sharing about my magic/kal practice and experiences of all kinds. I write about what I please, when I please. A while back I even made a few YouTube videos on my channel. However I haven’t done so for quite some time. As I sometimes wonder at the wisdom of bearing my inner self on you tube for the entire world to dissect and share.

Even when it’s to help and teach others Magick. Some things are not meant for others and nor should they be. I have a rich inner and magickal life that is for sure. But as there are far too many people out there even in 2018 that see Witchcraft of any kind as pure evil. I question whether sharing about all that I do is wise? The ignorance of those that know nothing about Magick whom are the first to condemn it always astounds me. It always has and always will.

Why haven’t I actually blogged more then? Well I’ve just been busy living my actual private life from mundane matters to magickal, as well as the incredibly awesome. These experiences are mine and mine alone to choose whom I share them with. How, why and where? It’s not always appropriate for others to dissect private sufferings like illness or my ultimate joys. Such as my home life, magickal life, artistic life or my grandchildren, holidays and even many magickal successes.

From a magickal perspective we all need quiet time alone to meditate, to reflect, to connect with all the elements to enjoy time out from our own inner dialogue which can often be quite annoying and tiresome.

When I need to disconnect I put away my iPad, laptop and phone and switch them all off. I figure that if someone wants to contact me so badly they can always txt or ring me later right. It’s also good to get some time out from continuous wifi throughout the house 24/7.

Bringing a small part of the outdoors and beauty onto my dressing table which reminds me everyday to to be mindful and appreciate the present before it all too soon becomes the past.


As some are already saying that the invisible wifi could be damaging our minds and bodies the same alas mobile phones do. There is empirical evidence which shows that speaking on a mobile next to your head is causing brain cancer in some people. That’s why you should always speak using speaker phone and that’s for the health of your own brain.

Taking time out is the best thing that you can do for your body, your psyche and your emotions. Just take a break from being switched on to social media even if it’s just for an hour or so a day. Then you can truly harness the power of your mind. As well as allowing your body to rest from all the nonstop activity.

Going outdoors is great to switch off. Then you will hear the birds chirping, notice insects in the air buzzing and notice the colours of flowers and the plants that surround you. As in the end all “we need is love”! I know that sounds very 60s flower powerish. But I’m sure that the early hippie movement were truly on to something that is missing today!

Listen to some music that inspires you and meditate and go deeply within. Only then is your mind quiet enough to achieve true gnosis. Otherwise without silence and disconnecting it’s impossible. This is when your brain can connect to the Source on a wifi free frequency without all the psychic banter of those around you. It gives you such a feeling of freedom, eternity and love that’s not possible when your online 24/7. It’s just so beautiful to connect to the elements and feel at one with Mother Nature. Try it and you won’t be sorry that you did.

Everyone with their mobile phones out at the recent Pink concert here on 13/7/2018 We had a really great night but sometimes mobiles have their place such as capturing a great artist in concert. But when out doors and communing they don’t. Unless one wants to capture a part of that moment to enhance the “living in the moment that nature brings.


I know these things are part of a growing trend for those in the know. Which is why many of us are choosing to delete our Facebook accounts and there are those whom were smart enough not to open one ever at all. Lol Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for. To an ever growing amount of people whom are losing their privacy along with the concentration levels of their minds.

Science is proving that fast paced technology is literally rewriting our brains. These days many people don’t even read books anymore as that would take them away from their precious social media. Believe me this is not a good or wise thing to be doing at all.

Why are so many of us disconnecting from Facebook especially. Well I can tell you why as so many of us, especially Witches, Mages and Occultists are waking up to what we share on social media under our names and what we don’t and why.

This is because we actually don’t want anyone and everyone to know what we are doing every single day of the year. My family, holidays and private moments are not for me to share as my adult children have their own lives to lead and their children and my friends do too. It’s not up to me to share their private moments either.

Facebook has just become a self publicity site for all. Look at me overseas, look at me eating great food in a restaurant, look at me looking absolutely fantastic and loved up. Along with narcissistic “selfies and happy snaps” 24/7 with 101 “look good filters and apps”. It’s really all 100% narcissistic totally crazy bullshit.

As let’s face it most people aren’t exactly going to share photos of their worst moments in life are they? LOL Really think about it. Before everyone felt the need to publish everything almost to the point of how many times they go to the bathroom “ad nauseum”, Lol, Only joking their folks. But people actually used to ring one another and saw one another far more often than they do now. It’s really sad imho!

Although some vain people whom are so full of self importance that they even share their before and after pictures after some recent plastic surgery procedure or Botox injections. Or sometimes even worse types of photos just for for shock value to get them lots of reshares and likes.

I used to be on Facebook when it first started it was ok. However when suddenly Facebook became huge everything changed. Thus sadly so did most of humanity on almost every single country on the planet earth. Not everybody wants to “share” everything and sometimes not even anything at all. Why should they anyhow? Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right, does it? It’s like it’s expected these days or some kind of social “faux pas” if we just don’t bother.

I added this pic from the app “color therapy” as it’s great for when your stuck in doors and just want to switch off by being mindful and relaxes your mind so well whilst you are doing so. I also like the message from this picture because if we don’t become “our own heroes and rescue” ourselves? Then whom else will? This is when technology can help one’s mind to disconnect from the matrix as well.


Not everyone wants people that they knew from school or their first job from 30 or more years ago or an ex-spouse or partner “googling their name” so that they can “cyberstalk” them. Because they want to find out where they live, and/or where they work, how many kids they have, what they do in their spare time where they live or go on holidays etc. to find out information that they have no right to know.

This can be downright dangerous IMHO especially for domestic violence victims. Or for those like myself whom have worked in a field where it can be downright dangerous for certain criminals to ever find them. Just the same as ex Police officers face the same dilemma. Do they risk the safety of their family just to share a family selfie on Facebook etcetera? It’s truly a modern day 21st century dilemma isn’t it.

Also why is it that people add so many people as friends whom they haven’t seen or heard from for over 10 – 30 years? What’s that about? Then even after they’ve added their so called “old friends” or “new friends” they don’t even chat with them on Facebook let alone actually talk to them on the phone or actually go and see them in person.

Because If they were really your “friend/s” they would’ve been a part of your life for all those years. Not just somebody whom has looked you up 35 or so years later. Just so that they can add you on Facebook so that their numbers of friends can be boosted! Thus they look like their so popular just to impress others.

I must admit that I used to do that too many years ago because that’s what Facebook was for. LOL In the beginning I bought into the whole hype of Facebook and was no better myself.

Until I had a huge spiritual awakening many years ago now. I realised with utter shock that I was sharing far too much to the wrong people until one day I did end up with a real life stalker. Thus I left Facebook and other then big social networks like Yahoo profile pages, remember them? Linked in and Multiply.com etc.

The only social networks that I do sometimes participate in apart from blogs is on Google+ and Pinterest where you can be quite anonymous if you want to. I haven’t even bothered posting on Instagram for nearly a year. WTF for? Unless your a celebrity with a cult like following what is the whole point? I will probably close it when I get around to it. Lol

A pelican that we saw close by near the shoreline last week on a sunny winters day. We, my grandchildren, my daughter and I watched this penguin dive down deeply and then bring up a huge fish. Which it then greedily soon put into its beak sack. Nature can truly be the best medicine to societies woes.


So next time your on Facebook or any kind of social media where your sharing your family happy snaps and your inner most feelings. Just remember that everything you publish can be used in anyway by anyone. As a very computer savvy friend once said to me, “never publish anything that you’d be ashamed of if it hit the news”. Now when you analyze this it’s really important.

It’s just really sad that younger people don’t seem to care about sharing their drunken photos and/or revealing photos of themselves and sometimes it can get far worse. As well as writing disgusting things about others. I’m not quite sure why they don’t care? Imagine if your young how your future children may feel when they see Mum or Dad either in a Facebook or another online format in a compromising photo of some kind.

Say for instance when they were only 16 getting smashed on drugs or alcohol, or even worse a sexting photo or sexual video of themselves. How would your family and your future self feel about that fact? Try and imagine because in the computer age it’s so important. Is it because most people just don’t care that a future employer, university professor or future spouse/partner may go through their entire Facebook history to find out what they are really like?

They mostly do more than they don’t as that’s what future employers do is check a person’s online presence first before hiring them. I’m not saying that it’s right but it’s what employers usually always do today and that’s a fact. I’m not exaggerating people especially those whom have power over your future do this all of the time without a tinge of remorse.

Facebook has also made taking a “selfie” part of everyday life and language. I sometimes wonder how far it will go? Also the fact that so many people seem to be busy publicizing their own pretend perfect lives to feed their ever growing ego and narcissism, that they forget to live their real life. If they spent as much time worrying about their “real life” as their “Facebook” life and image they might actually get far further in life.

A curious seagull near our jetty at high tide last week.


Some do and open their own Facebook page to start and help their own business or a page under a pseudonym for magical or creative purposes. That’s completely different as it’s not exposing their families in anyway to any undue mischief that some people can make for them if they feel like it. I think that’s fine because then your using technology to improve your own lives economically and that of your families; that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

Yeah I may be old fashioned? But hell I’m so glad there weren’t social networks around when I was young back in “ye olden days”. Lol Back when our only form of immediate communication was the family telephone which had to be shared by everyone.

I’m so glad that I don’t have the stress of Facebook pictures from drinking too much at a party when I was only 15 for my adult children and grandchildren to see. Not everything is meant to be shared nor should it be. I guess people my age and older have an entirely different perspective because we grew up without computers.

Not a great pic as it’s mars and the moon approaching the recent blood moon taken on my phone. It looked far better in real life. Just like most things do of course.


Getting back to spirituality. Don’t forget to use all your other human senses. Hearing, feeling, sensing and seeing things in real life along with your inborn psychic abilities. Dot the forget to smell the flowers, feel the earth and smell the fresh air that surrounds you out in your garden or anywhere especially outdoors. We are human we aren’t meant to live the way that we do. We are meant to be hunter gatherers not wage slaves.

The best photo of mars that I could get when it was visible to all of Australia. Nature and the universe is awesome isn’t it!


After a hard days work just try disconnecting. Switch everything off and just breathe and relax and take in all the prana (lifeforce) that is your birth rite here on planet earth. Relax, unwind and connect with any of the elementals and then ultimately the source. Learn to like and love yourself without needing any reinforcement or not from social media. Feel what it’s like to truly ground yourself and become one with the earth.

You will feel far better psychologically for doing so. Just give it a try for at least a fortnight. Even in bad weather you can still do this inside. As I’ve done so today on a freezing cold day here in winter in Australia. So it can be done if you really want to do so.

Just give it a go! You know that you want to. Your body and mind need to destress to live healthily in every single way. Please do yourself this favour? I promise you that you will feel better especially spiritually and psychologically for doing so. Don’t delay and do so today or tonight.

Blessed Be & Namaste🙏


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