CazWytch *Aussie Witch & Occultist*
Rural Coastal South Australia

Bio: I am a Witch, Occultist, Spiritualist, Creatrix, clairaudient, clairsentient, psychic medium, empath, aura reader, tarot & runes reader, healer, divination, writer, philosopher, counsellor, bibliophile and student of all the mysteries of life. Female 53 now, married, 2 adult children, 4 beautiful grandchildren and our "furry child" a golden English Cockerspaniel. Nature is my temple, the elements are my/our world. I honour my ancestors that came before me, as without their decisions and sacrifices I wouldn't be here. I work with "spirits" everyday not only for my own family, friends, aquaintances but also for some online friends too, as well as for the healing of "Mother Earth". I care about saving the ecosystem and climate change, I like to help others when it is in my power to do so. I am a counsellor to life's challenges by profession. I am interested in all cultures and have studied all religious belief systems of the world. I believe in social justice and an end to corporate greed and corruption, I adore all animals, plants, our earth and our oceans, I love to travel. I also love to teach as well as learn from others. I love my music and seeing my favourite live artists in concert are my passion. I love live theatre, I really love my books, reading, studying and learning. I like to sketch, write, take photos and create using the divine spirit that dwells within all of us. My "muse" being mostly nature itself especially the ocean, gothic, fantasy, occult and magickal imagery in general. My greatest wish is for equality in our world and an end to world poverty as well as peace in the world. "Imagine no religion It's easy if you try No hell below us above us only sky" - John Lennon

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