I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU *DAVID BOWIE*~RIP THANKYOU FOR BEING YOU! I’ve adored David Bowie my entire life. I bought my first Bowie album way back when I was only just 14 back in 1977. It was just after his immensely successful album “Diamond Dogs”. How I played that album over and over at full blast much to my Father’s lifelong hatred of all modern music as he believes that only classical music is real music.

The loss of David Bowie has and still is affecting so many different people all over the world. Especially our Western culture as we don’t tend to grieve properly do we. We tend to think that we have to get on with life in a month within losing somebody or people may think we’re suffering from depression or something. So when somebody as famous as David Bowie dies the world seems to mourn. Especially those of us whom are of a similar age or midlife it’s a big wake up call to ourselves that our mortality is running out. We’re all mortal and this life is really so transient yet so special to us all. So from a psychospiritual point of view we are also mourning our lost youth as well.

Let’s face it aging isn’t for the timid or the faint of heart. Why? Because as we age our body is slowly dying. Most people will suffer from age related illnesses that are often painful until the day they die. I’ve seen it on other’s so any times and now it’s starting to happen slowly like an ever creeping vine to me. Look at poor Bowie he had a massive heart attack and that’s when he would have felt that his time was running out. It often isn’t until we personally have a wake up call like an awful diagnosis and/or prognosis or a N.D.E. (Near death experience) that we realise we (the we that our ego projects to the world) will no longer exist one day in the future because death is the ego’s worst fear – annihilation. However death comes for us all whether we are poor or rich and famous.  In the end the Angel of Death comes for us all.

I’m still grieving so terribly for David Bowie so much myself. So much that I actually burn a consecrated white candle for him every night along side a beautiful black and white picture facial portrait of him taken in the previous 2 years. I’m lucky that it’s autographed too! He still looked so cool and sexy when this photo was taken. Looking at it you would never have guessed that he was getting closer to his transition from this mortal realm where his soul was released from his body from this earthly existence to the other side of the veil.

I’m actually going to redo a part of one of my altars. As I need more space to create a “Memento Mori” type altar space just for Bowie. Perhaps using some of my other Bowie memorabilia as well as candles, maybe a few crystals and some old original album covers too.

Also perhaps one of our many Pagan God’s that I feel represents him. To me I feel the mischiefious PAN suits him to me. As when I think of PAN I think of forests, music (playing his pan pipes of course), fun, parties, enjoying his sexuality, lust, sex appeal, joking around, wine, freedom and being so irrestible to women & men as well in his much younger years, talented and most of all love.

As well as truly enjoying life to its fullest which Bowie truly did because he was a true chameleon who lived the whole rock & roll lifestyle when he was younger. Thankfully he survived the whole thing as tragically many others did not. Even after his dreadful addiction to Cocaine which often took his mind to the very edge of actual sanity; I’ve heard him in interviews where he says himself that “I can’t remember a lot of that time but that it was truly bad and I knew that I had to change or face insanity or death”. Anyway I don’t want to write more about that. If you want to know more just Google it and you will find vast amounts of information and YouTube videos.

Then years later he eventually settled down with the love of his life “Iman” and then of course his daughter was born and it was “love at first sight”. The photos I’ve seen that were taken of them together at home not long after her birth are truly beautiful and so touching. As well as his love of his firstborn son whom was originally named “Zowie” whom has grown into a successful man on his own and now has his own lovely family.

For my “Bowie Shrine” as my husband is now starting to call it. LOL I will have flowers and some usual offerings for the dead. Sometimes things like a bit of food like some chocolate etc & drinks that they liked in life. As well as always a glass of water. Why? As some occult pathways from shamans, Palo, Santeria and Traditional Witchcraft & Streghas say that the disincarnate spirits get thirsty too and that sometimes they are truly attracted to the things that they loved in life. I believe and know this to be true. As after all death is our transition to another existence that science does not have the knowledge yet to understand but one day they will.

Some may think that I should put out a cigarette for him and blow it towards his picture as they do in African Traditional Religions like Palo Myombe, some Indian Shamanic traditions and Voodoo/Hoodoo as in New Orleans. As Bowie used to smoke them all the time for most of his life and even though he looked so cool smoking in all his photos, in the end it’s not cool, because cigarettes kill far more people than alcohol or drug addiction combined. So somehow that feels wrong to me to put out a cigarette out for him. Why? Because in the end they caused his early demise and he’d given up for years to avoid dying young. Many people believe that he would still be here and would’ve lived to a far greater age if not for cigarettes and it’s true. End of lecture as I’ve battled the “coffin nails” myself and their not easy to give up and sometimes I still feel like one. Nicotine addiction is evil!

Believe it or not smoking cannabis does you less harm physically but for some mentally it’s a problem especially if your under 25 because your brain is still developing. I’ve written about cannabis before because I need to use it occasionally for my chronic pain. I only need to use it very sparingly now only when I’m home usually and only when none of my other medications work. I always use them first because as an asthmatic I really don’t like smoking it as it can sometimes make me cough so much that it can trigger an asthma attack. A friend suggested  using a vape? But I don’t want to buy one especially as I’m only using it maybe once a fortnight or even once a month. Last year I even went for just over 2 months. I don’t need it as much because I’m taking Lyrica now which is actually developed for Parkinsons Disease. But after many years of research they found that it actually helps some chronic pain patients but not all. They don’t exactly know why? It’s probably just that we all have individual biochemistry and genetics.

Also thanks to my love of all Bowie’s music I often put on one of his albums and sit or lie down. Then I just get into his music so much that I chill out so much just as if I’d had some cannabis but I haven’t. My mind goes down into the Theta state quite often when I listen to Bowie. So I just chill out so much as I really get into the lyrics, the melody, the beat, as well as listening to the individual musical instruments and of course David Bowie’s wonderful voice. To the point where my brain is so distracted by his music that my brain is no longer registering as much pain. This is because the neurotransmitters in my mind are so busy listening to his music that my body automatically relaxes. As well as the fact that I love his music so much that my mind chills out on its own without drugs. As well as the medical fact that when something makes a person feel happy their brain releases lots of endorphins. Sometimes certain Bowie music almost puts me into a trance it’s like being in another world. So it’s true music really does heal as well as bringing backmemories with quite good success

However his music has and is truly like the soundtrack of my entire life thus far. Every album he released always seemed to resonate with whatever was happening in my life at the time starting from 1977. Then I went and bought his earlier albums too and have been buying them ever since. Every single song, look and movie he ever did I felt was that his music was especially just for us even though it was truly his own.
His knowledge of the Occult from a young age is very interesting too. Like he sings on “Quicksand” from his brilliant album Hunky Dory where he sings of Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. Then later on his song Station to Station on his album of the same name where he sings of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life when he sings “from Kether to Malkuth” and so much more. It’s not surprising  that Bowie got into the Occult with Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page and some notable others like The Beatles especially George Harrison so they say. Jimmy Page was so into the occult that he bought Aleister Crowley’s “Boleskine House” on Loch Ness in Scotland. Legend has it that Mick Jagger got so frightened of something occult inspired that he burnt all of his books. However Bowie having such an enquiring and open mind did no such thing. What he actually did or did not occult wise will be the subject of many intense debates to come. It was David Bowie whom inspired me to think of other things that had been previously hidden as well as a spiritual friend at that time. Thus began my study into the world of the “Occult & Witchcraft” and so many other pathways starting with Tibetan Buddhism in the 90s.

Then BLACKSTAR which is his true “MAGNUM OPUS” to us all. It was David Bowie whom inspired me to think of other things that had been previously hidden to us all so many years before. The occult imagery and hidden messages especially in his lyrics and videos of “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” are so incredibly brilliant! They’ve been analyzed by many thus far and will be interpreted for many years to come. But you know really it was truly David Bowie’s last loving gift to us all because he knew that he had to leave us.

Only BOWIE could have achieved all of this whilst he was dying. He was apparently so full of ideas that he even talked of doing another album but sadly his time ran out!

However it seems that Bowie knew that another existence was waiting for him and that he was running out of time. Some say that he knew that he had to leave us at the age of only 69. Far too young for such a man that was not only brilliant and so full of life and also married to the true “love of his life” along with his beautiful young daughter and his wonderful adult son & family too.


I will always remember you & the gifts that you gave to the world. Your voice, music and albums are the true soundtrack of my life both material and spiritual ~ Thank you.

Love CazWytch. 💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️ xoxoxoxox